The Best Pregnancy Experience – To Feel the Baby’s Movement in the Womb

Baby movement starts in the woman’s tummy at around the 7th or the 8th week of her pregnancy. However, pregnancy Baby movement is felt by most mothers only sometimes in the 16th or the 22nd week. New moms take more time to notice the baby kicks than those who have been pregnant before. Baby movement is also felt more when the woman is in a quiet place, either sitting down or in a lying position.

Feeling the Baby movements

  • First Trimester – Early Baby movement feels like butterflies fluttering in the tummy. The kicks may be spaced and few initially and may not be felt even though the baby is kicking continuously. This is because the baby’s movement is not that strong to let you feel it.
  • Second trimester – The movement becomes stronger as the baby grows and the kicks also become more noticeable.
  • Third Trimester – The baby takes up more space in the uterus and its movement may not be as rigorous as it was in the second trimester. However, it is still active and moves and you can feel its movements which have become harder. The movement however tends to slow down as the pregnancy progresses.

Tracking the movement of the baby

It is important to track the baby’s movement. As soon as you start to feel the kicks, note the movement and its frequency. In case you feel that the activity level of the child is low you would need to consult the doctor immediately.

Less Baby movement can be a cause of concern and the doctor will check on the baby using ultrasound measurement to be sure that everything is fine with the baby.

The baby should at least have an active hour every day. The reason why the baby may be less active could be because it is in distress, the baby is tangled in the cord or the mother has very less amniotic fluid. These are serious concerns and should be addressed immediately.

Towards the third trimester, you may be asked to count the kicks of the baby at a particular time each day. The time should preferably be selected when the baby is the most active. Sit quietly or lie on one side to check for 10 distinct moves. If you do not feel 10 moves in a two hour span then consult the doctor immediately.

Why does the baby move in the womb?

The baby moves in the womb because of many reasons. Maybe it wants to stretch its limbs, or it is responding to the noise and light outside. The baby also moves to respond to emotions. Towards the end of the pregnancy the baby starts punching, rolling and kicking.

If the mother is in a position that is uncomfortable for the baby, the baby will start to squirm. Also certain food and drinks may make the baby more active.

The baby may surprise you with some weird movements too. Rhythmic movements occurring couple of seconds apart is a sign that the baby is hiccupping which is a normal part of its development. Your baby may have been active at night throughout and suddenly it is active in the morning. The baby’s movement pattern changes in the womb and all that one needs to be concerned about is that it has at least one active hour each day.