The Benefits of Vaping

For years, people knew that smoking cigarettes was dangerous to their health, but they smoked anyway because there was no other alternative for getting their nicotine fix. Even after nicotine patches and gums were introduced, many people continued smoking for other reasons, such as the social aspect of it or how it made them feel like a rebel. Today, though, there is a safer alternative that provides some of these benefits but is much safer: vaping.

Fewer Dangerous Chemicals

When you smoke a cigarette, you’re inhaling more than just the nicotine. You’re also inhaling tar and a number of other dangerous chemicals that can damage your lungs and other parts of your body. Vaping, however, completely removes those dangerous chemicals. All you are inhaling is the flavoured water vapour, which is much safer. Many people have concerns about second-hand smoke from cigarettes, but with vaping, that’s also no longer an issue.


More Options

With cigarettes, you don’t have that many different options other than different brands. However, vaping allows you to inhale many different flavoured vapours, so you can pick your favourites. Apple, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, and many other flavours are available, and you can easily switch them out when you get tired of one. These flavours can be a big help if you want to try to quit smoking, because you’ll find that the flavours taste much better than smoking a cigarette does. You can purchase these different flavours from websites such as

There’s No Smell

If you’ve been a smoker for years, you know how the smell can permeate everything around you. Your clothing, your car, your home, and anything else around you when you smoke can, over time, start to smell like cigarettes. That’s no longer a concern with vaping, since the water vapour doesn’t really sink into the fibres of fabrics or anything else. You won’t have to worry about your clothing developing a stench, or about always remembering to smoke with the car window down.

Save Money

Buying additional vapour cartridges is much more affordable than buying a packet of cigarettes. You’ll find that you spend about a fourth of what you were once spending, which is a considerable savings that you can use to pay down debt, buy other things, or save up for a holiday.

Vape in Places You Can’t Smoke

Smoking has been banned in a number of areas due to concerns about second-hand smoke. It’s also become more and more socially unacceptable due to the health issues it causes. Vaping, though, is much more accepted, and it’s allowed in a number of places where smoking is not. This is one of the main reasons social smokers have switched to vaping. They can vape in bars and other places with their friends instead of being forced outdoors.

It’s Convenient

If you smoke a cigarette, you have to light and smoke the entire thing, or it’s wasted. With vaping, however, you can pull out your e-cigarette and puff as much or as little as you want to. Nothing is wasted if you only take one draw off it, so you can determine how much nicotine you get at any one time.