Thailand for your healthy

Being healthy is not indicative of taking care of your physique, but this aspect is equally important to well-being and mental health. If you have appropriate and convenient psychological health, you can develop your potential to positively cope with stressful situations that arise in your everyday life, such as the loss of a family member.

Accepting yourself is a key point for maintaining psychological health, allowing you to enjoy a full and quiet life. However, if this becomes a struggle, your ability to feel, express and manage your positive and negative emotions will be affected.

It is no secret for anyone that eating a healthy and balanced diet helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, Food, after all, is the fuel of our body. Feeding your body with unhealthy foods will only make you feel unwell and make it difficult to achieve a sustainable weight loss.

Negative changes in life, such as losing a loved one, divorce, being unemployed or retired, can be reason behind ill health. Sometimes, it can feel that the world is falling apart and that goals are hard to achieve. The secret is to relax, and sometimes meditate, to manage emotions and reduce stress levels.

Alcohol is a depressive euphoric, and extensively affects brain functions. If you don’t drink wisely, or drink large amounts over a long period of time, you’ll be at risk of developing mental problems such as anxiety or depression. In addition, you should not take drugs, such as canabbis or ecstasy as they increase the potential risk of damaging the brain.

On the other hand, physical activity helps your brain release so-called “happiness hormones” or (endorfins), and they improve the feeling of well-being. Thus, do what you can entertain you the most, such as a team sport, dancing, cycling or running. Exercises like Muay Thai will also help you feel better. Try to be active at all times, so depression doesn’t invade your mind.

Muay Thai comes from Thailand and is a martial art commonly seen as one of the most aggressive. Brute force that beats the opponent’s body and also your own. It is a fairly complete style of contact, with strong strokes that mix the elbows and knees. The fights are extremely exciting and engaging, but are they also dangerous or just healthy?

It has been shown that the practice of Muay Thai such as has always strengthened the physical and moral well-being of the opponents. There are plenty of reasons to justify the interest this practice raises in many people. Both in the physical and mental aspects the benefits it brings are innumerable, and it is not only about self-defense capacity, Muay Thai also helps the person to have patience, control, self-esteem and self-confidence. So try Muay Thai in one of our training camps and you will realize why this sport is not about being aggressive. It is a means to being healthy, losing weight, and becoming a better version of yourself.