Synthetic Urine: Check Out the Complete Guide

If you are anticipating urinalysis test and there’s the possibility of failing your screening, certainly you are asked quite familiar question: how can you pass the urine drug test? Several stories of the people who submitted “clean” sample from the friend just to end up being fired are very common.

You are bound to come over various home remedies that stem from the urban myths & old wives’ tales. For this Synthetic urine Kit is the top courses of action in case you think that the drugs are detected in pee.

How Can You Prepare for Test by Using Fake Urine?

You need to prepare to use the synthetic urine kit for passing your drug test. So, the first thing you need to do is follow manufacturer’s instructions properly. Even where you used the urine kit in past, it will have the different instructions from current one.

You need to check if stores that sell out synthetic urine sell quality kits. The modern testing labs actually have certain measures to detect the low-quality of synthetic urine samples. The right fake urine kit can smell and look just like urine whereas being free from weed, marijuana, and other drugs.

Suppose you use powdered fake kit, mix this with the distilled water as per the instructions. You need to properly shake contents to ensure that they mix. When mixed, heat this mixture till it reaches over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Doesn’t matter with the type of kit, temperature is the highly important considerations. This can raise the suspicion about the sample if it’s very cold or hot.

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Heating Fake Urine

It’s very important for the synthetic urine to actually have the perfect temperature. Thus, it is very important to rightly heat your fake sample. Most of the urine kits generally come with the good heating pads. 

Body Heat

It is the most effective method, however it takes lots of time. Thus, if you aren’t in any hurry, you can try this out. Use your body heat to perfectly maintain temperature of your sample. You can use this to heat synthetic urine. Place this close to your hottest body part and men can put this near crotch of pants and women can place this in bra or underpants.

Hand Warmers

You will find hand warmers to retain heat for over 18 hours. Although 18 hours are not essential, they are good for heating. In addition, they help with maintaining perfect temperature of a sample. On a bright side, they’re very good in hiding urine too.