Stem Cell Supplements: Things You Need to Know

Our body contains at least a trillion cells; all arise after conception from a unified cell via multiple cell division cycles. This process continues throughout life, as new ones replace weak and slow cells. In young and healthy individuals, the division takes place regularly in a balanced and energetic bio-terrain.

But as people grow older, the process starts to slow down. Irregular nutrition with vast amounts of fat, food additives, processed sugars, decreased consumption of biologically grown fruits and vegetables, heavy smoking, large and regular consumption of alcohol, an overall increase in tension and stress because of people’s fast-paced lives, carcinogenic solvents, and other pollutants, or pesticides and heavy metals to suppress the renewal process. Thus, people will tend to age faster and get sick with cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

Stem cells

These are cells with the capability to divide with no limits and to provide rise to specialized cells. They have the remarkable potential to evolve into different cell types. Not only that, in various tissues, they serve as an internal repair system, dividing without limit to help replenish other units in the body. When these units divide, every new cell has the possibility to remain as a stem cell (SC) or become another unit with a specialized function, like muscle, nerve, or brain cells.

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Stem cell supplements

These supplements are developed based on the benefits of stem cells. They are applied to help cure degenerative diseases, as well as stimulate the formation of different tissues in the body like cartilage, ligaments, muscle, tendon, nerve, bone, blood, or organs.

These supplements help boost stem units by improving their effectiveness or creating a positive environment where they can remain healthy and flourish for a long time. Effective stems have excellent health benefits on people’s bodies, which is why these supplements are pretty effective.

How are supplements made?

How these supplements are made will depend on the manufacturer making them. Usually, formulas are procured from clinical trials and tests that evaluate nutrients for their capabilities to help promote stem unit health. The number of researches and trials into this subject is limited, and that is why firms can conduct their own research to help identify their effective ingredients. As consumers, it is imperative to ensure these firms are successful with their research. For instance, two nutrients that are found very useful when it comes to helping these units include:

Chondroitin and Glucosamine – Chondroitin and Glucosamine are usually used to treat arthritis and are usually derived from shellfish. That is why it makes sense that Chondroitin can enhance the capabilities of MSCs to turn to cartilage and Glucosamine to promote MSC to become cartilage and impede the destruction of cartilage. Chondroitin has real, measurable effects on cartilages in patients. Glucosamine also helps cartilage quality when measures on a magnetic resonance imaging machine.

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Turmeric and Curcumin – The most commonly known and promoted anti-inflammatory supplements or nutrients now are turmeric and curcumin. These two are derived from turmeric roots. Turmeric is also known as a common spice for East Asian cooking. Curcumin is a chemical compound called curcuminoids. It is believed to be pretty active biologically. For curcumin to be absorbed by the intestine, black pepper extracts are usually required.

According to studies conducted using adipose MSCs to treat people with heart conditions, curcumin improved MSCs, minimize scarring in heart muscles that were being repaired, as well as promote new blood vessel formations. In another study involving MCS in bone marrows, curcumin help improved bone formation.

It also impacts conditions with anti-inflammatory properties like arthritis. All these effects have changed into measurable impacts on people suffering from knee arthritis. Another study suggests that it is as effective as a common ant anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen. There are a lot of other nutrients proven to increase SC’s effectiveness.

The list of nutrients in a supplement can differ depending on the brand people are using. Experts recommend identifying the ingredients for possible allergic reactions or problems and verifying the ingredient’s general safety. Not all SC supplement brands are made with the same ingredients, not all are equal, and not all brands are trustworthy or reputable.

Recommended dosage

Most Stem Cell supplements are taken by spray form or pill. Regardless of what method is used, its dosage need not go above 500 milligrams, taken twice a day, or 1,000 milligrams in the total dosage per day. Depending on the product used, some of these supplements will have every limit reached with a single tablet or pill; others will need two to three capsules or tablets to reach 500 to 1,000 milligrams.

Spray forms are pretty different. Its recommended dose varies by product. They are harder to measure because of the application method used. But users need to avoid spraying too much on their skin at any time. It will prevent overapplication and oversaturation of ingredients in the body. It will provide the body a lot of time to adapt to the improvement of the SC.