The knee joint is exposed to a lot of pressure as it supports the upper body. This pressure is made worse by strenuous sport activities where the knee is bent and straightened constantly. This wears out the cartilage protecting the bone from damage. When your knee is injured, you can barely put pressure on it. You are therefore left to hop from one place to another or if you are lucky, you can use crutches for support. Knee pain caused by sport activities is explained in sgbonedoctor.

Symptoms and Complications from knee injuries

  • Knee injuries will likely keep you from having a normal life, not only because of the pain, but because your movement is restricted.
  • Knee pain can be unbearable. It is so bad you can easily breakdown in tears. It is therefore important to seek treatment before the pain becomes excruciating.
  • The knee can be warm to touch.
  • The knee pain can result into a fever especially if the knee is infected.

Knee pain caused by sport activities

What to do if you have a knee injury

  • Although it is tempting to put your feet up all the time when in pain, do not make it a habit. Too much rest can be equally as bad as too much movement. Do simple exercise regimens that do not put too much strain on the knee. The aim is to ensure your knee does not become too weak due to inadequate use.
  • Use a walking aid in the period your knee is undergoing treatment. Do not feel embarrassed or feel inadequate because you are using crutches. You are giving your knee the support you need.
  • Wear the right shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes can make the knee injury worse.
  • Rest the knee, use Ice, and elevate it as often as possible. This way you will be helping the knee to heal faster and adequately.

Knee injuries come with minimal or extreme pain. However, if untreated well knee pains recur over time even when you think you are healed. The knee is evidently very important if you are to lead a normal life. Sports men and women expose their knees to so much pressure and they need to protect them by use of knee caps if they want to prevent future complications. Seeing orthopedic doctors for the right care is equally important if you want to ensure proper healing. Sgbonedoctor will nurse your knee and bring you back to health. You will receive the right care and go back to the sports you enjoy without complaints. The knee is very important to you and you need to give it the adequate care it needs.