Reclaim Your Natural Youthful Glow With Dermal Fillers

Common symptoms of ageing include a retracting jawline and the loss of high cheekbones, combined with skin that stretches and loses its plumpness. When this happens, you may wish to restore your looks to how they once used to be.

You cannot stop ageing, but you can look more refreshed by injecting dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire underneath your skin.

What are fillers in Buckinghamshire?

Fillers are soft gel injected into certain regions of the skin. Contained within the fillers are  substances that are produced naturally by the body. These reduce the signs of ageing by smoothing wrinkles, volumising the skin, and treating other skin imperfections caused by ageing and the environment.

In today’s world, hyaluronic acid is popularly used because it is naturally produced by the body to keep the skin supple, hydrated, and looking healthy.

Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid or HA our body produces is significantly reduced. By injecting your skin with fillers consisting of this natural substance, your body receives a surge of the much needed HA.


Will people know that I have had work done?

Many individuals are anxious about the idea of cosmetic procedures, fearing an outcome that can appear to look unnatural. By searching for a reputable clinic and a licensed practitioner to administer the procedure, you will not have anything to worry about.

For peace of mind, do not be afraid to ask for proof of certification and training when shopping for a skin clinic.

The effects of dermal fillers on your skin result is a revived and refreshed face and body.

Are the side effects manageable?

Like any procedure, you will experience side effects. However, these will be different for different patients.

Common, occurring side effects include the following:

  • bruising
  • redness
  • swelling
  • pain
  • itching

You may experience some of the above shortly after your session has concluded. On average, these effects last two weeks, however, this may vary according to how quickly your body heals. If you have questions or concerns regarding your recovery or side effects that are not listed above, talk to your practitioner.

Can I carry on as usual despite experiencing side effects?

Dermal fillers are classified as lunch time procedures, because they are quick to administer and require little recovery time. You can resume your schedule once the treatment is over, without anyone being any the wiser about your appointment.

If you do experience discomfort or pain during the healing period, tell your treating practitioner who would advise you to help ease your symptoms.


What else should I know?

The effects of the treatment are reversible if you are unhappy with the results. At the same time, the effects of dermal fillers fade after a time, so if you want fresher skin for longer, consider combining dermal fillers with other treatments. Otherwise, it is recommended that you book follow-up appointments twice a year to maintain the effects of the fillers Buckinghamshire.

What are other suitable treatments that I can combine with fillers?

It is safe to combine aesthetics treatments to optimise your results, such as Ultherapy. Ultherapy is a procedure that uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin. Like fillers, it is non invasive, includes only minor side effects, and requires minimal downtime.