Posture Therapy Singapore: It’s Time to Get it Right

Are the kids, or are you standing bent? Regular swinging “stand straight” often won’t solve the problem, and exercises to strengthen your back muscles like swimming or stress increases won’t do either. So, what a posture therapy will do?

What is a Posture Impairment?

Posture is how the body parts (head, thorax, waist, pelvis, legs) are held above each other against the force of gravity (sitting, standing, and walking). The spine from the side is constructed of arches: 2 arches protrude backward, forming a timer (kyphosis) in the thorax and pelvis and two angles protruding from the face, forming a bowl (lordosis) in the back and waist. These arches are essential for containing shocks and maintaining the spine’s stability in the face of gravity (an arc is a very stable structure). A posture impairment exists when the body parts are not held correctly above each other, and the spinal arches become too large or too small.

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What is the importance of proper posture?

Proper posture reduces muscle strain and gravity pressure on joints. Therefore, it is less tiring and reduces the risk of back pain in the muscle exertion and because of erosion of the joints and the vertebral discs. Proper posture therapy singapore is also of outstanding aesthetic importance. A person with a normal posture is considered more attractive because it transmits self-confidence and health. On the other hand, a person who appears to be subordinate or dropped shares weakness and sickness.

Is it possible to change the posture?

The posture is determined by how the spine is held and stabilized against the force of gravity. This is influenced by many factors such as elasticity or stiffness of the joints, muscle strength, the degree of use of stabilizing muscles of the spine, muscle shortening, the posture pattern that exists in the brain, the imitation of the posture of comparable figures, impaired movement patterns such as bowing the head down for use on a mobile phone, genetic predisposition and more. Through tailored treatment, some of these factors can be influenced at any stage of life – even in old age.

What can be done if our children or we suffer from poor posture?

If the “stand straight” and “you look like a question mark” method does not help (and usually does not help), it is worth seeking a posture therapy singapore or a physiotherapist. Diagnosis allows us to determine what type of posture impairment it is and the risk that will worsen over the years. It then sets goals for treatment and outlines the treatment plan. This is specifically tailored to each person according to the impairment from which he suffers.