Physiotherapy: Getting Your Body Back to Optimal Health

Whether you’re an athlete, have a work-related injury, or you’re just getting hit by the tests of time, physiotherapy can help you get back to 100%. Physiotherapists can assess your situation to figure out what it will take for your particular needs. These types of professionals take a holistic approach when dealing with your injuries or illnesses. Living a life in pain or discomfort is tragic and unnecessary. With multiple restorative treatments and years of proven success, this new approach to healthcare could be the solution to your problems.

Physiotherapy Solutions

Physiotherapists specialize in honing in on your personal injury or illness, to find the right set of treatments that will reduce your symptoms and prevent reoccurring issues.
Some types of Physiotherapy methods include:

● Medical Acupuncture- to help with injury related symptoms. A series of tiny needles(1/15 the size of normal hypodermic needles) inserted in various nerve points to release endorphins and reduce pain.
● Massage therapy- to help with muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. There are many types of massage therapy such as soft tissue massage, joint or ligament massage, and trigger point massage.
● Electrotherapy- for tissue pain and swelling. A great complement to other therapies. Some types of electrotherapy include laser therapy and ultrasound therapy.
● Joint mobilization/manipulation- to reduce pain and stiffness in joints. Using high-velocity movements are important in promoting the range of motion and realignment of joints.
● Myofacial release- to relax muscles from pain or stiffness. Stimulation of the muscles to improve blood circulation and connective tissue flexibility.
● Athletic taping- to treat injured joints, overstretched tendons, and worn muscles. Some types of taping include athletic tape, elastic strapping tape, and kinesiology tape.
● Orthotics- to improve posture for reducing pain in the feet, knees, hips, and back. Studies on the health of your feet in direct association with your shoe type and walking habits.

Know Your Body

“Physiotherapy is a primary health care profession that promotes physical health, mobility and independent function,” said by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.Your body is a working machine. Like a machine, if a problem goes on unfixed for too long, it could cause some serious problems in the future. Ongoing discomfort symptoms and untreated illnesses could lead to chronic pain and disability. Don’t live your life in pain. Professional physiotherapists are here to help you find the treatment you need. They can give you the education you need to treat, maintain, and prevent the issues you are having. Physiotherapy can also keep you away from unnecessary medication or surgeries. This holistic approach to treatment aims for you to get the maximum overall health, so you can get the maximum overall happiness out of your life.