Pelvic Floor Exercises can improve your Overall Well-Being

Pelvic Floor Exercises can improve your Overall Well-Being

Without regular exercise, all our muscle groups can begin to weaken. This includes muscles that you don’t see that perform vital functions within the body. Pelvic floor exercises are very important to maintain overall health.

The pelvic floor group is an important muscular structure in the body. These muscles extend through the pelvis and help control a range of natural functions, including the reproductive system, the bladder and the intestines. Over time, your pelvic muscles may weaken if you don’t exercise regularly. This can lead to problems such as loss of sexual function and urinary incontinence.

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Who needs to exercise for the pelvic floor?

Everyone really needs to think about exercising for the pelvic floor. These muscles are deep in the body and are often overlooked by standard exercises. Pelvic floor exercises are especially important in the following situations:

  • If you are pregnant, the pelvic floor will be under great pressure. To help you keep your baby healthy and prepare for intensive labor, it is highly recommended that you exercise on the pelvic floor.
  • If you notice that some urine may drip when you sneeze or cough, this is a clear sign that the pelvic floor muscles are weak. This is a good time to start the pelvic floor exercises.
  • If you notice a loss of sexual function, exercises for the pelvic floor physiotherapy muscles may be helpful. You should also consult your doctor to check other possible causes.
  • If you have problems with the passage of stool, your pelvic floor may weaken. Pelvic floor exercises can be useful, and you should also consult your doctor for any other possible reason.


Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles are very easy to perform if you master them. Since this muscle group is deep in the body, you can train them without knowing anyone. You could sit at your desk doing pelvic floor exercises without giving anything back to your colleagues. This makes it easy to adapt to these exercises with your busy daily life.

  • One of the main problems people face when starting exercises in the pelvic area is that they can concentrate on the wrong muscles.
  • You must ensure that you do not accidentally tighten the muscles of the buttocks, thighs or abdomen. It is important to keep the rest of the body still to focus only on the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Imagine urinating or defecating and you need to stop. The muscles you use for this are part of the pelvic floor. This will help you identify your muscle group so you can recognize them when you exercise.