Pain Relief to help you catch those much needed “Zeas”

The Australian Kunzea essential oil, harvested from the Kunzea Ambigua plant in the wild, rough terrain of the outback, is considered a natural treasure when talking about essential oils. Kunzea Ambigua, also known as “White Cloud” or “Tick Bush” is a tall brush which can grow up to three metres in height and is abundantly growing in the wild especially in Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands.

Naturally having a clean and fresh aroma with a hint of spice, it boasts of its remarkable effectiveness in terms of pain relief and other therapeutic ailments. Widely available throughout Australia, it is very accessible and a must have for every household. Getting your hands on one is as easy as going to and placing an order, an order you won’t regret.

It sounds just like any other common essential oil. What makes it so different?

Well, aside from the fact that it comes from one of the most dangerous places on earth, it’s remarkable pain relieving and therapeutic benefits are not known by the majority. If you want to go full-on hipster with your essential oils, Kunzea is a must have for you.

Most active ingredients in pain relief products available in the market today simply numb the pain, unless it’s the pain of a broken heart in which there are other probable solutions for that. Going back, Kunzea is different because it works to relax the muscle tension and reduces inflammation to alleviate that oh-so-annoying pain.

That sounds interesting, what else can it do?

Its key components target the source of that pesky ache you are probably experiencing by intensely penetrating layers of skin to encourage your body’s own healing process. It’s sort of like a support group for your pain.

Accumulated studies over the last 30 years reporting the benefits of this specific essential oil in regard to relief from a variety of common ailments has led Kunzea oil to be listed by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) for having therapeutic benefits such as temporary relief from the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, flu, muscle aches and pains, tension, stress, and mild anxiety.

Is it just essential oils or are there any other products?

Aside from the essential oil, which can be used in a vaporiser, oil burner, bath, massage oil, saunas, spas, potpourri and room deodorizers, there are also other products available for you if you’re the on-the-go kind of person. There’s the Kunzea balm, known for its rich consistency, extra protection and nourishment. It is recommended for people that suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as inflammation and pain from muscular aches. There’s also a roll on liniment version, small, handy, your perfect travel companion anywhere, anytime. Lastly, there’s also Kunzea cream which is suggested to people with recurring or chronic joint pains.

The products are non-burning and non-staining which means that it is safe to apply directly onto skin. That is pretty favourable for people with sensitive skin or suffers from inflammatory skin conditions.

The people behind make sure that their products are of top quality and of course, 100% Australian made, mate. That means they retain profit therefore providing business opportunities for their fellow Australians while helping you relieve that annoying pain in your muscles. Best of all, THESE HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS.