Nursing Is Easier with the Right Help

Many new mothers wonder whether a breast pump is a good tool to use when nursing their children. They question whether they will even need one if their children latch well on their own and their supply is ample. What these first-time mothers fail to realise is that nursing has several hidden pitfalls, and a breast pump will save them more than once. To understand exactly how it can do so, you must first look at the various uses and advantages associated with a pump.

Increase Supply

If you experienced a premature labour or had a particularly difficult delivery, your body might not produce enough milk on its own at first. Still, your child is hungry, and you cannot allow him or her to go without proper sustenance. A breast pump will allow you to pump after each feeding, and manufacturers designed them to simulate real nursing.

In short, when you pump right after a feeding, you tell your breasts that your child is still hungry and that you need to produce more. Your body is capable of producing as much milk as you need, but you have to know how to ask for it.

Caring for Elderly

Prevent Engorgement

The best breast pump is more than a nursery aid. Children nurse long after they begin sleeping through the night, and your breasts will not understand this. When you go without nursing for an entire night, you risk engorgement. This is a painful and uncomfortable situation caused by overproduction of milk. This can then lead to mastitis and plugged ducts, which are both serious and extremely painful. Pumping at night when your child sleeps will help reduce the chances of engorgement and allow you to enjoy some much-deserved rest.

Take a Day Off

If you decide to nurse rather than use formula, you might quickly feel trapped in your home due to your child’s constant hunger. Breast milk has everything a child needs to grow and build his or her immune system, and he or she processes it more quickly than formula. If you pump and save your extra milk over a certain amount of time, you can allow your spouse to watch the baby for an afternoon.

You can use this crucial time to go watch a movie, enjoy a pedicure or manicure, see friends, and more. After months of pregnancy, a hard delivery, and now weeks of feeling like a prisoner in your home, you deserve the chance to step out of the house. Your spouse or partner will enjoy the chance to bond with baby, and you can finally enjoy some personal time.

Whether you use the time to catch up on sleep or go on a short adventure, breast pumps are a mother’s best friend. These inventions protect against engorgement and help your body produce the milk needed to keep your growing little one fed and content. Once you feel ready to have your second child, you will put the breast pump at the top of your list of essential items.

Each pregnancy is different, and you can never predict whether you will need to pump to produce more or control the flow of milk. Whatever happens, you cannot go without the help of this amazing equipment.