Myopia Control

Myopia Control: Does your child need it?

What is Myopia?

Does your child have trouble seeing distant objects like boards hanging a few feet away but can easily read a book kept on his table? Chances are that your child is suffering from near-sightedness, also known as Myopia.

Myopia is a health condition in which the eye can clearly see objects near to you but objects at a distance appear to be blurry. This condition is usually accompanied by headaches caused due to eyestrain, constant squinting and eye fatigue. Usually, children having myopia would have trouble reading from the blackboard (if not seating very close to it).

It occurs due to the shape of our eyes. In myopia, the shape of eyes changes, causing the light rays to bend incorrectly and falling the image formed in front of our retina instead of on the retina. It majorly occurs due to two factors: Hereditary factors or environmental factors.

  • Hereditary factors

Children having both parents myopic are more likely to be affected by myopia than the others. Though this is not an absolute rule, but it is mostly seen that myopia runs in the family.

  • Environmental factors

Spending most of the time indoors is likely to increase the chances of developing myopia. It might sound obvious but the best way to ensure your child’s healthy eyes is to encourage them to play outside and not spend too much time on near-sighted work.

Myopia Control

How do you control Myopia?

Myopia can be corrected at an early stage through regular eye examinations followed by necessary treatment for the same such as therapy, glasses and surgical procedures.One of the most popular options is the use of Corrective lenses. These lenses (or available as eyeglasses or contact lenses) bend the light entering the eye in such a way that it places the focused image directly onto the retina. There are also several medications that can be prescribed by your doctor to slow down the growth rate of myopia.

At Optical 88 Eyecare Professional Centre, HK children are treated through a 75-minute myopia control hk Consultation which usually includes assessments performed by professionals such as:

  • Comprehensive eye examination
    •Cycloplegic refraction
    •Corneal topography
    •Analysis of child’s visual habits and environment

Details about the same can be accessed here

The comprehensive eye examination for myopia control hk includes analysis of child’s case history, Refraction check, Intra-ocular pressure measurement, Binocular vision function test, Colour vision test, Ocular health and fundus examination and Consultation.

Also, in addition to providing overall assessment and treatment for myopia, the eyecare centre also provides treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, focusing disorder and abnormal eye movements through visual therapy.

It is believed that children under the age of seven usually can benefit the most from these vision therapies as their eyes are still young and under the process of development. If you’re worried about your child’s visual health, do not waste any more time. Get them checked at the earliest and assure their happy health!