mole removal treatment In Singapore

Mole Removal: Is It Safe or Dangerous?

Sometimes, people get themselves fixed because they want to look good. Oftentimes, they apply substances on their skin to improve their beauty. But there is a single mark which annoys and bothers them. They even want this single mark to be removed because they don’t want it.

When it comes to moles, some prefer to remove them. This is because of a lot of reasons where the main one is they want to have clear-looking skin. A lot of people prefer to remove their moles because they don’t like how it looks or how it feels. In this case, looking for the right professional who can perform mole removal treatment In Singapore is advised.

The Need for a Doctor 

A mole is skin cell cluster. It typically comes in the color of brown or black which generally appears anywhere in a person’s body. Most moles are not cancerous, but still, before undergoing mole removal, it is best to have it checked first.

One common thing you have to see before going to your doctor is when your mole starts to change its shape, size, or color. When the mole is cancerous, then the doctor will advise to remove it immediately. But aside from removing a cancerous mole, one can also do it if he or she doesn’t like the way it feels or looks.

Finding Out a Cancerous Mole 

Before working on the desired removal procedure, your doctor will first take a look at your mole. He begins taking a tissue sample of it or remove it completely, especially when it is cancerous. Also, he will refer a dermatologist to seek further treatment.

Right then, your doctor will send the sample to the laboratory. Whenever your mole comes back, then that means that it is cancerous. It should be taken out right away to get rid of those unsafe cells.

 mole removal treatment In Singapore

The Procedure 

If you want to remove your moles either for beauty or health, then better take an eye on these two ways.

o   Surgical Shave 

This procedure is common for smaller moles. What the doctor will do here is to numb the area first and use a small blade in shaving the mole. Those tissues found beneath your mole is shaved off as well. 

o   Surgical Excision 

For this method, the doctor will still numb the area to where the mole lies and he begins using a scalpel to cut it out of the skin. He also includes cutting out the unhealthy skin surrounding the mole before stitching them together.

After The Method 

When done with the procedure, your doctor will provide advices. This includes:

o   Keeping your wound clean and dry.

o   Watching out for any signs of infection. These signs include:

  • The wound becomes painful.
  • The skin looks red and is warm.
  • A pus coming out of the wound.

o   Removing all the stitches to that exact date suggested by your doctor.

To Wrap Things Up 

A lot of people are bothered with those moles in their skin. It’s just that they do not like how it feels or how it looks. This is why they prefer looking for a mole removal doctor to get the thing out of them. A properly removed mole does not only help in getting rid of cancer but also in giving you smooth and clear skin. Aside from that, it reduces pain and skin irritation.