Modern Teeth Straightening Solutions for a Brighter Smile

We would all love that Hollywood smile, but nature didn’t endow us all with a perfect set of straight teeth, and while teeth braces are nothing new, modern solutions offer an invisible and unobtrusive way to straighten your teeth. It isn’t only children who can benefit from teeth straightening, as many adults would also like to boost their self-esteem by having a nicer smile, and many people mistakenly think that teeth braces are bulky and unattractive, recent developments allow for clear plastic devices that are attached to the inner rear surface of the tooth, making the brace almost invisible.

Removable Solutions

Not being able to remove a brace makes for difficult cleaning, and although there is a temptation to keep the brace out, you must be disciplined and wear it at all times, with the exception of cleaning. There are quality brands of invisible teeth braces, and if you are looking for Invisalign in Melbourne, for example, there are orthodontic clinics that specialise in fitting these innovative devices. If you would like to find out if modern braces can help make your smile more attractive, an online search is the best place to start, and not all dentists offer this treatment, so make sure you choose one that specialises in non-invasive teeth straightening.

Metal Free Solutions

Metal has always been necessary to give the brace its strength, yet modern plastics offer adequate tensile strength to gradually shift the growing angle of a tooth or teeth. People who engage in public speaking or who are in the sales profession are often reluctant to wear teeth braces, and anyone who is a little self-conscious would surely benefit from invisible teeth braces. Metal wire causes discomfort, no matter how well the device fits, and metal-free devices that are comfortable to wear, your teeth will soon be straight and your smile more welcoming.

Computer Technology

There is nothing hit and miss with modern brace alignment, and a computer is used to create a 3D model of the top or bottom set of teeth, and then the orthodontist can see where corrections can be made and the device will be fabricated to very precise dimensions. Custom made aligners might only be worn for a couple of weeks, then a new device would be used, and by changing slightly each time, this will have the optimum effect.

Shorter Wearing Time

Of course, the length of time you need to wear these aligners very much depends on how much movement is required. Typically, a plastic aligner might be worn from 6 months to 2 years, and with a qualified orthodontist, you will get the optimum results from a minimal period of time. This development has enabled many middle aged people straighten their smile and with invisible aligners, no one would know you are in fact, wearing braces.

If you would like to know more about this innovative new technology, an online search is the best place to start, and once you have found an orthodontist clinic nearby, you can have a free examination to see what can be done.