Memory Foam Mattresses Enhance People’s Health

Are you suffering from a bad back or joint stiffness in the morning? The culprit may be your mattress. Sleeping difficulties can play a major role in how you function during the day. If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, you are not receiving the proper support. However, a memory foam mattress may provide a solution for any current health woes or maladies.

Why Memory Foam is Better

If you are not sure about purchasing a mattress, you might want to consider buying a memory foam topper for your bed. If you have debilitating aches and pains, then consulting a doctor about buying an orthopaedic mattress might be a solution, too. However, in most cases, you will find that a memory foam mattress will make it possible for you to sleep and rid yourself of morning pains and aches.

A good quality memory foam mattress allows for a better contouring of the body shape. As a result, less pressure is placed on the areas of the body that press harder against a bed. So,’s advice for side sleepers is to make use of a memory foam mattress as it is configured to conform to your body.

A high-quality memory foam mattress does not require the use of a box spring to supply the required level of comfort. While you can buy a platform base to increase a bed’s height, a premium memory foam mattress will feel good even if it is placed on a surface as hard as concrete.

How A Spring Mattress is Designed

While spring mattresses have been the standard for many years, foam mattresses, today, are becoming more popular because of their overall body support and comfort. Spring mattresses do not provide the body contouring or spinal support that is offered by memory foam. With a spring mattress, the coils bend inward when pressure is applied. Therefore, the mattress does not conform to specific bodily curves.

A Preferred Mattress Material

When you consider the amount of pressure that you place on your hips and shoulders as a side sleeper, or the kind of stress that is placed on the neck if you sleep on your stomach, you will realize why memory foam is a preferred mattress material. A high quality memory foam offers the best chance for alleviating any problems with achy or painful joints.

When latex is included in the mattress design, it offers more spring against certain concavities. These concavities include the small of the back and the sides. At the same time, the mattress does not lose its capacity for contouring or displacing one’s pressure points.

That is why health considerations go beyond a person’s diet or exercise plan. Because obesity is often connected to sleep disorders and chronic tiredness, overweight people must be especially vigilant about the type of mattress that they choose.

Besides eating better and exercising more, changing a mattress permits more restful and deep patterns of sleep. Memory foam mattresses have been proven to reduce tossing and turning, as well as to eliminate the stiffness and discomfort that occurs from sleeping on a mattress that is less conforming.