Lose weight easily with the help of challenge VIP 60 weight loss program

With the help of the special training program desafio vip60 anybody can achieve a nice toned body within a short period. The program was originally designed by Cristiane Senna who is an athlete and professional exercise trainer. Her weight loss program has become the most popular weight loss program of the world.

Who can take VIP 60 weight loss program?

VIP 60 weight loss program is meant for everybody who has no other physical problem apart from excessive weight or obesity. Young working women who can’t afford to spend sufficient time on a daily exercise regimen are benefited through this program. Since, an individual just needs to spend a few minutes daily and they can perform these exercises at home, VIP 60 weight loss program designed by Cristiane Senna helps to reduce extra fat from the body very effectively without performing rigorous exercises with a long daily session.

 What is this program all about?

Cristiane Senna’s VIP 60 weight loss program is based on HIIT training methodology. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a specialized training which is scientifically designed to use up maximum calorie within short interval of time.


Individuals under VIP 60 weight loss program learns to perform each exercise with maximum intensity in a cyclical process for a maximum 30 minutes’ period per session in total. Many people have even got results with 10-15 minutes’ everyday VIP 60 workout program. An exercise needs to be performed for a maximum 2 minutes’ duration, followed by a short period of rest. This short period of rest, which can be extended up to 2 minutes, can be used to perform a low intensity exercise or just to stop completely to get some rest.

Desafio Vip 60 is an 8 weeks’ program. Innumerable examples are there when the serious followers of this program have been able to shed off 12kilos within these 8 weeks. These exercises to be performed here are specially designed to work out several groups of muscles simultaneously with the help of the body weight or some easy to avail tools like jumping rope and boxing bags etc.

Modules in the VIP 60 weight loss program

There are 4 basic modules in Cristiane Senna’s weight loss program. These modules are as follows –

Module 0 – Individuals who are very overweight or who have not habituated in minimum daily workouts, performing this module is necessary to prepare the body for more intensive workouts.

Module 1 – Here the exercises are a bit faster than ‘Module 0’. It is to be performed for 15 minutes daily. This module is meant for the beginners, but with regular practice, these exercises will start to burn excess fat.

Module 2 – This is called intermediate level and exercises are more intense than the previous ones. It can be performed for 15 minutes’ maximum. On regular practice, a permanent change in the stature will be noticed.

Module 3 – This module is called advanced level when the most intensive exercises under HIIT will have to be performed for a period 20 minutes’ maximum.  Module 3 is meant for all those who are already doing Module 2 regularly. With regular practice of Module 3, body never develop any fat in any part of the body.