Looking For An Experience Spa Consultant To Open Your Grand Spa Center Chain?

In today’s world of environmental degradation and increase of adverse health effects, people are becoming more conscious of their health and wellness. People are ditching wrong food habits and adapting better lifestyles. Spa treatment has emerged as the most preferred service to avail for the betterment of the health of the body. More and more spa centers are coming up, but somehow they lack proper concept design, proper treatments, and skills to excel. The only way out is to avail the services of an experienced spa consultant who can walk the talk. The elite spa consultant Renata de Abreu is the one you need to hire to avail her valuable services and take your spa centers to the next level.

Why Should You Choose Renata de Abreu?

She is the most qualified and experienced spa consultant you can ever find who provides all round spa consultancy services. She is a graduate of the renowned Chopra Center University. She is also an ex-triathlete who has been a leader in the spa industry for 14 long years. By profession, she is a technical consultant for spa management and a body treatment therapist.

You can catch her on popular health and beauty programs on Fox TV, Rede Globe, and Canal Bem Simples. One of her spas is the sixth best spa in America. She pays full attention to every detail and fulfills all the needs and requirements of every client. Over the years, she has earned several renowned international certifications. She has the complete understanding of the spa business and management starting from its development to its marketing.

She has been hired by multinational brands like Dove, L’occitane, Natura for product research related to the spa treatment.

The Services Offer –

The elite spa consultant Renata de Abreu offers consulting services from design and development of spa centers to training and marketing.

If you already have a spa treatment center, you can hire her to get a complete review and appraisal of the concept and theme, operational system and overall procedure of services offered. She will provide thorough details for improvement of design, logistics, menu, services, products and other equipment.

If you are thinking of opening a spa treatment center, you can hire her to assist and evaluate the architectural design, concept, and theme of the project. She can prepare the signature menu, help you to decide the products to buy, logistics to use, and spa services and treatments to offer for getting more customers.

She even provides staff training for the spa treatment, sales, and marketing. As a matter of fact, she designs customized training formats and workshops for those who might already be working in your spa center.

Even companies can hire her to create a better work environment and provide workshops on wellness, meditation, and aromatherapy to the employees to keep them happy and increase work productivity scientifically.

Spa Centers and Spa Treatments –

Apart from being a renowned spa consultant, she offers various spa treatments herself in different spa centers that she has across Brazil and Uruguay. Some of the popular spa treatments are 5-day detox treatment, ultra shape power, and Velashape III in Miami.