LASIK Surgery – One Best Way to Correct Eye Problems

Lasik surgery is an extremely prominent way to deal with sight defection. It was presented in the 1990s and since then has been used to prevent or corrected a lot of sight problems and for those of you who are still suffering from eye problems, I say that Lasik surgery is good choice for you.  There are really a huge number of individuals who have had their vision amended or eye problems corrected by means of Lasik surgery.

There are a various kinds of vision issues that can be treated by lasik surgery. Shortsightedness which we all know that it is caused by a cornea that is excessively steep, can be treated or corrected using the Lasik surgery and the same with long-sightedness issues that ha s cornea that should be steeper.

Lasik surgery works by utilizing a laser device to make a round cut in your cornea. This cut then creates what we call a flap or a fold where underneath it, the specialist will then perform the necessary treatment. The fold will then be supplanted and reconnected. The whole process will just take roughly fifteen minutes for each eye to finish. The time to recover from a Lasik surgery is really not long and you will not also feel any pain during your recovery process. It is an outpatient surgery, and you ought to be in and out of your specialist’s office in around an hour. In spite of the fact that you ought not to drive yourself home engage in any activity that will put pressure on your eye just after the surgery, you can go back to doing your normal activities after about a day or two because your vision should be clear by then.

Forms of Lasik Surgery

When it comes to Lasik surgery, there are four different forms of lasik surgery. The first which you can think of is the kind of surgery which involves the use a laser tool to correct the eye. This surgery is mostly known as PRK a flap or fold is created enable the removal of some cells. This kind of surgery is commonly done as compared to the other ones

The following lasik surgery is called E-LASIK or Lasek. This is a more sensitive surgery and involves the use of a better cutting edge. It is perfect for patients with mild shortsightedness whose corneas are excessively sensitive for the PRK surgery. The third kind of lasik surgery is called Epi-LASIK. Epi-LASIK surgery is equally for individuals whose corneas are too thin for normal lasik surgery. A fold isn’t cut in the cornea as with the others. Rather an exceptional instrument is used to get under the cornea so the laser can do its work. The last kind is the ordinary lasik surgery that is performed essentially on patients who are extremely close or far sighted.

Not all medications are really good and can cure these eye problems that are mentioned above but with the Lasik surgery, you are assured that you can have a normal vision and can go back to doing the normal this you used to do before you have the sight defection.