Therapy Categories

Know More About The 마사지 (Massage) Therapy Categories

How does massage (마사지) treatment work?

A professional massage therapist uses a variety of pressures, motions, & methods during massage treatment to modify the tendons as well as other softer tissues found throughout the body. Bodywork treatment can be utilized to relieve anxiety and tension, treat the symptoms, mend wounds, & enhance wellness by decelerating your nerves.

Massage therapy categories

There are several types and sizes of massages. Several following services could be available on the professional massage list.

  1. Swedish bodywork

Do you feel anxious? For serious pleasure, the massage is indeed the traditional go-to. 마사지 normally uses a light contact and provides a full-body treatment. It’s an excellent option for those who have never had therapy. The subconscious mind may become more at ease. Massage is an excellent way to support a calm mental state, that can positively affect your joints.


  1. Long-lasting massage

Much less physically demanding activities like reading, commuting, or crouching down over a computer can cause your shoulders to become stiff over time. To relieve that stiffness, deep tissue therapy penetrates your tendons and muscles. It helps those who have persistent muscle discomfort, generalized muscle cramps, and traumas.

  1. Sports therapy

Comparable to deep-tissue treatments, athletic massages concentrate on the tissues which are overworked during athletics or even other repeated sports exercise. In contrast to the normal person, sportsmen and choreographers utilize their bodies uniquely. To loosen up tight muscles and treat sports injuries, send in professional massages with expertise in deep tissue massage.

  1. Massage for trigger points

The trigger point’s indeed a small area of tightness or spasms inside the muscle. The physiotherapist targets those areas with targeted, significant pressure during trigger-point therapy. It facilitates their production by boosting blood circulation to the affected locations. Individuals with persistent pain may also benefit from this kind of therapy.

  1. Using myofascial release

A network of connecting tissue underneath the skin is called the fascia. This maintains the muscle & gives us freedom of movement. Your deep tissue massage may knead & stretch the muscle & fascia during one myofascial release to relieve tension & tightness. It was a type of therapeutic thorough stretch that was frequently combined with other massages. It works wonders for loosening up tension in your head, shoulder, chest, and lower spine.

A massage is a terrific approach to enhancing wellness, relieving pain, and much more for a lot of people. Talk to your physician as well as the physiotherapist if you are experiencing a medical issue before getting therapy. Prenatal massage (마사지) may assist women who are pregnant to reduce pain & edema. The benefits of visiting a physiotherapist are endless.