Know about the process of heart transplantation

Number of heart patients is increasing year by year. Even though this is a miserable situation, increasing success rate of heart operation with advancement in technologies provide good hope for the heart patients.

Heart transplant surgery

Heart transplant surgery also called as cardiac transplant is the surgery performed on patients with severe coronary artery issues or end-stage heart failure. This surgery is recommended by the doctor when all other non surgical and surgical treatment fails to give the results. In simple terms heart transplant is the process or replacing the damaged heart with a good heart. Best heart transplant surgeon in India assure high success rate for the operation.

Process of heart transplant

Heart patients and common people believe that heart transplant surgery is a complex surgery. But you believe it or not, this surgery is a comparatively a simple operation for an experienced cardiac surgeon.  The surgery mainly consists of three operations. Here are the details of operation.

Harvesting of donor’s heart

Yes, the first operation starts with harvesting the donor’s heart. A team of doctors and nurses with technicians goes to the donor’s hospital to remove the donated heart. Usually donor is an unfortunate person who suffered brain death. Brain death in simple terms is the death caused due to accidents. Donated heart will be removed and will be carried on sophisticated ice box to keep the heart alive till it gets transplanted. It is said the heart will keep its life up to six hour from the time of death. Hence the heart will be carried by fastest means of transport to complete the transplantation within the time to assure success.

Removal of damaged heart

The second operation is conduced to remove the damaged heart of recipient. The surgery can be simple or complex based on the history of previous heart surgery. In case of second heart surgery, removal process can turn complex.

Implantation of donor heart

Third surgery is conducted to implant the donor heart in the recipient’s body. This surgery is said to be easiest. With the advancement in technologies, the operation is made with just five lines of stitches. These stitches perfectly connect the large blood vessels that enter and leave the heart. In case the operation is free from any of the complexities or complications, the patient can leave the hospital within one week. The real possibility of this operation depends on the generosity of donor and related family members. It is seen that the number of heart donors are increasing in a reasonable manner throughout the world.

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