Keep your body in a good condition by Yoga

When our body mind and soul are at peace then we attains a stage of complete calmness in our outer body and inner mind. We are often acquainted with the term meditation and that is the term that is commonly used for the achievement of calmness. But this meditation has some particular technique which gives you the body a complete healing effect and also the peace of mind. And that is the term known as Yoga. From a very early time, especially the Indian rishis and sages used to perform the yoga in order to keep themselves away of any diseases. Yoga is the best technique for keeping our body fit and healthy.

Why one should practice Yoga?

Now in this era of gym and machines, we commonly ignore this. But yoga is still the same old technique to make and keep our body fit. Anyone and from any age, yoga has to be started in order to increase the body flexibility, tranquility and also the betterment of our body. But always the techniques and process of performing the yoga should be right. Also breathing plays a vital role in the yoga postures. So for a beginner it is important to have a good instructor who will help them to follow the right technique.

Different yoga posture for the beginners

Now a day people are getting more interested in yoga as it is giving a good result. Some of the yogaworkouts for the beginners are being explained below:


Sukhasanas- it is the most easy asana or yoga that is done. One has to sit upright, with the legs folded one upon the other. Keep your rights feet folded and take your left feet above the right feet facing the sole upward? Stay in this posture for few seconds and again change the feet. This gives our body the peace and the calmness thus helping us to feel our body mixing up with the soul.

Next is the natarajasanas which is similar like a tree. Stand up and put our leg folded on the other leg and balance your body. Put your hands straight up in the style of Namesake. This is also known as stretching in the common term of exercising. This helps your muscle to stretch and improves in blood circulation of the entire body. Thus it helps our body to function properly and increase the immune system.

Similarly the vrikhasanas which is being done by standing upright on flat legs. Bend toward back and balance your body. The muscles of the legs are bring stretched out thus again increasing the blood circulation of the lower body part.

Bhujanghanasana- lie down on your stomach and bring your hands below your shoulders. The forehead should be touching the ground. Now raise your head along with the neck towards back and stretching your arms right up keeping static. The target area is the hip abdomen and the leg.

All these yoga are for the beginners and should learn about the breathing process by a good instructor. Yoga workout for beginners should be guided by one in order to learn the right technique.