Infected Wisdom Tooth

Is An Infected Wisdom Tooth An Emergency?

When it comes to ‘dental emergency,’ you might be of the notion that only severe tooth pain or a fallen out tooth is categorised under emergency. But there are various other conditions or problems too that might call for an emergency. Here are some of the common reasons that is considered as a Wisdom Tooth emergency –

● Impacted Wisdom Tooth – The wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that break out during your early teens. For some, they will not face any problem as they will have enough room in their jaws for the wisdom teeth to grow. Whereas some people might not have enough space in their jaw bones. In this situation, the wisdom tooth either forces itself rupturing the other teeth on its way or gets jammed under the gums. In this case, you must get the help of a specialist in wisdom teeth removal Sydney, who will recommend a few investigations to check the condition of the wisdom teeth and your oral health and remove it depending on the severity.

● Acute Tooth Decay – If the tooth decay rises out of severe dental plaque and tarter build up which is not treated properly, it calls for an emergency wisdom teeth removal Sydney. The oral surgeon will immediately extract the tooth if it has decayed the tooth structure. Only if there is a possibility for the root canal, tooth filling or dental crown procedures, the dentist will try to repair the tooth, or he will call for an immediate extraction.

● Tooth Fracture Under the Gums – You put in a lot of pressure on your teeth when you chew your food, especially the hard to bite food. If your teeth are not

in the right position, chewing could gradually crack your tooth in the lower molars. This happens due to the force exerted from chewing food. The chances of dental emergency are high if you had undergone a root canal treatment. It must be extracted as soon as possible by an expert who offers affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

tooth disease

● Periodontal Disease – Though Gingivitis is curable with regular teeth cleaning and oral hygiene, nothing can be done if it advances to periodontitis. If a person is affected with Periodontitis on the gums, it will damage the supporting teeth too. If you gums lose their strength your teeth might fall out one by one. Periodontitis cannot be healed. But, an expert dentist can slow down its progression with proper medication and treatment.

● Crowded Teeth – If your jaw line is too small, it can’t afford to fit every teeth, which might result in crowding. For this many dentists suggest the patients to undergo a cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney, so that they can achieve a straight smile.

Always remember, our wisdom teeth removal Sydney team is here to support your dental health in any conditions. Our team provides an excellent dental treatment for all wisdom tooth procedures, so you can stay confident that your oral health is in good hands.