Other risks of poor dental health

Invisalign, Demonstrating Dental Advancement

A lot of dental development goes on daily around the world as new and amazing discoveries are made. One of the areas where a lot of science and technology has produced incredible results is in the field of orthodontics. Invisalign Wagga is able to treat patients using new techniques and equipment. Sometimes described as ‘invisible braces’, correcting dental disorders has now got an additional string to its bow.

Social media demands

The phenomenon known as the ‘selfie’ has transformed our way of life and the way we want to present ourselves. Young people between sixteen and twenty-five are recorded as spending five hours a week posting around three selfies a day. This has brought about the desire to produce the perfect smile. Sending pictures around the world of a beautiful smiling face has become very important to this generation.

What can Invisalign treatment fix?

Invisalign has invested in the equipment and training to meet the demands of today. Invisalign in Wagga can treat crooked teeth and crowded teeth, as well as gaps in teeth. A variety of bite problems such as overbite, crossbite and underbite can also be corrected using this treatment.

orthodontic treatment

Invisalign procedure

Your Invisalign dentist will arrange a first appointment and at this appointment an examination will determine if this is the correct treatment for your particular condition. Moulds of the teeth are then made which are sent off to the Invisalign laboratory where a digital model of the teeth is created. At this stage a virtual treatment programme is also produced. Using the latest software you will be able to view how your teeth will be moved and what the end result will look like. Once everyone is happy, the aligners will be produced and sent back to your dentist who will provide them to you with instructions on their use. Invisalign works by fitting a series of ‘trays’ much like gum shields over the teeth. Each tray is slightly different and designed to gradually move your teeth into the desired location. The trays are made of a clear non-toxic dental material so they appear invisible to the naked eye. Each tray must be worn for at least twenty hours per day, but can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Trays are worn between two and three weeks at a time, but it may be necessary to wear a tray slightly longer to get a better result. Regular dental visits are necessary to monitor progress of the treatment. Not everyone is the same and sometimes the treatment may over run over the prescribed programme end date.


Once treatment has been completed the patient is fitted with a discreet retainer behind the teeth. An impression will also be taken to create a removable retainer which is similar to the trays used in the treatment. However, this retainer will only be required to be worn at night.

Face the world with a smile that will dazzle

Dentists all over the world have seen the amazing transformation this treatment can make and the potential new self-confidence that was lacking before in many patients, restored. Selfie or no selfie, having a beautiful smile that a patient can be proud of is the motivation for the majority of practitioners to create more and more healthy teeth and gums.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.