Infinity Diode Hair Removal—LAUNCH

After a long wait, we have finally released the Infinity diode laser machine! The highly advanced Infinity diode laser machine is designed to remove unwanted hairs from your body permanently without damaging the skin or causing any sort of side effects. Diode laser technology is the next best thing in the market when it comes to hair removal. It is highly effective, works flawlessly, and best of all, it’s completely painless. You will only just feel a tingling sensation on your skin as the diode laser works its magic.

The product is ideal for clinic and salon owners who want something that’s a bit more effective at permanent hair removal than the technology available today. With the Infinity diode hair removal technology, you can offer your clients a better solution and also generate higher revenues.

What Are Diode Lasers?

The diode laser technology makes use of semiconductors that are able to produce projections of light that fall within the visible to infrared range. A light beam with a relatively narrow spectrum is used to target the chromophores deep within your skin. Since it utilises a highly accurate wavelength of 808nm, it’s much more powerful and is able to penetrate deeper and also absorb more melanin. The diode laser technology is one of the most reliable and highly recommended hair removal technologies available. It’s safe and effective and can work on all types of hair and different areas of the body.

LiteFLO vs. Diode Hair Removal

The Infinity diode laser machine is a bit more expensive than the LiteFlo hair removal system, and for good reason. Both of these hair removal systems are pain free, but there’s a slight difference between the two. Compared to the standard IPL, LiteFLO is a slight upgrade. The LiteFLO IPL treatment focuses on the bulb of the hair follicle by using a wavelength of 690nm. On the other hand, the Infinity diode hair removal technology focuses on the supply of blood to the bulb of the hair follicle.

It cauterises the blood supply, thus killing the hair follicle due to starvation. It uses a wavelength of 808nm that is capable of delivering approximately five million shots. The laser diode technology makes use of high powered light emitting diodes (hence, the name). On the other hand, the LiteFLO IPL uses a long-arc Xenon flash and has a useful life of around 500,000 shots. The output wavelength of the LiteFLO IPL is spread over a slightly broader spectrum, even though it is accurate.

For salons and clinic owners who want to offer the very best solution to their clients, the Infinity diode is the best solution. Even though it has a higher price tag, the Infinity diode is much more advanced than the LiteFLO IPL. It’s capable of delivering better results and is designed primarily for use by professionals to provide pain free hair removal.

The hair removal industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Many women want hair permanently removed from parts of their bodies, but they often opt for different treatment solutions that are temporary. Even though LiteFLO IPL treatment is a good solution, the diode hair removal offers better results.

How Does the Diode Laser Work?

The diode lasers make use of selective photothermolysis to target specific chromophores, such as blood or melanin. The lasers heat the chromophores without affecting the surrounding tissue. The diode laser treatment is a much more effective solution and yields results very quickly.

Reach to the Next Level

The LiteFLO IPL is a great machine, but it has its limitations. On the other hand, the diode laser hair removal technology is the latest solution in the world of hair removal technology. It’s a pain-free hair removal solution that is ideal for clinics and salons that want to offer a more diverse treatment option to their clients. Take your business to the next level using this state-of-the-art technology. It can help separate your business from the rest in the vicinity.

A Range of Benefits

Our laser hair removal machine offers an array of benefits to you. It has a multi-wavelength platform and seven years of clinically proven effectiveness. The machine has been cleared for use by the FDA on skin types I-IV as well as on tanned skin. It comes with a range of pre-set parameters and doesn’t require any sort of consumables either. It’s a fast and cool treatment for the patient that’s highly effective. The light and ergonomic applicator is perfect for operators so that they don’t feel tired once they are done. It’s a cool touch laser so it doesn’t even cause a lot of heating.

How It Helps Your Practice

Not only does this machine allow you to offer a better solution to your customers, but it will also allow you to raise the standard of service across the board. This is an investment that will pay off for many years to come. Your patients get the best in class hair removal technology without having to compromise their health or worry about any side-effects. Here are some primary features of the device that you should know about.

Greater Wavelength

The increased 808nm wavelength allows the laser diode hair removal machine penetrate much deeper and target the vessels providing blood to the hair follicles. On top of that, the machine also has compact cooling systems so that your clients won’t feel that burning tinge on their skin that so many people often complain about when going for such treatments. Improved energy absorption and more effective targeting of the melanin chromophore makes it the best treatment possible for a wide range of different hair colours and types.

Small, Ergonomic Applicator

Gone are the days when you had to use large, clunky applicators. The laser diode hair removal system comes equipped with a small and ergonomic applicator that won’t tire out your arm after 2-3 sessions. It’s designed for easy-handed use without causing any sort of an issue, and it is an excellent choice for modern-day usage.


The modern diode hair removal machine is capable of operating at 10 Hz per second, thus making it one of the fastest treatments currently available. Rather than spending a long time with one patient, you will be able to treat several patients within the same time period. A large, spot-size applicator is also available that’s capable of targeting larger areas in one go. Your customers can relax in comfort as you go about your work.

Front Tapering

A front-tapered tip is also available that allows you to reach difficult areas with minimal hassle.

Virtually Painless

Your patients are only going to feel a small sensation as you use the applicator on their skin. It doesn’t require any sort of numbing gels or an aesthesia. Pre-treatment preparation times can stack up to a sizeable margin and affect your business considerably. It’s the perfect treatment solution for small business owners that want to increase their business goodwill.

 The benefits associated with this technology are clear for all to see. There’s a reason why so many other clinics and salons have already adopted the laser diode hair removal system, and you should too. With effective treatments now available across the board, clients are looking for permanent solutions that don’t cause any pain and won’t have any sort of side effects later on either. The laser diode removal technology is by far the best choice right now.


Installing the machine doesn’t take very long since it comes with pre-set parameters. All you have to do is set it up and start advertising to your clients!

We offer state-of-the-art hair removal solutions and technology that’s proven to work. We have taken a concept that had a lot of potential, refined it to perfection, and now offer it to all of our valued customers. While diode technology isn’t anything new, the Infinity diode is our take on this proven piece of technology. We have tested the Infinity diode system thoroughly over the years to ensure that it works better than other machines available in the market. Backed by our years of research and claims, we believe that we have a product which is capable of permanent hair removal without causing any sort of discomfort to the patients.

Of course, we understand that before making such a big investment, most people are likely to have many questions. That is why we have also compiled a separate section of FAQs that you can review. It will give you more information about diode technology and how it really works so that you can better understand the potential of this new technology.

If you would still like to know more about the Infinity diode laser hair removal technology, we welcome your questions! Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer all of your queries. For customers who have already bought the machine and want support, we also have a separate customer support section.