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Importance and risks of emergency contraception pill

Were you replaying the good times from last night and suddenly realize that you have not used protection? Do not worry. Emergency contraception is at your rescue. All you need to do is pick up your mobile phone and find an answer for where to buy morning after pill and place the order. Make sure you know the pros and cons discussed here before making a purchase.

  • World Health Organization (WHO) states that 95% of pregnancies can be prevented with intake of emergency contraception when taken within 5 days of sexual intercourse.

Access: Pills are available in all of the pharmaceutical stores spread across the world. Online medical service providerssuch as websites and applications are accessible through a smart device. Few of the sellers deliver it within 2 hours of placing an order as it is a medication. The stress to carry is eliminated through a stable internet connection and smart device.

Side effects to the consumption of the tablets are negligible unless you have other existing health concerns.

where to buy morning after pill

Dosage: A major benefit is related to the dosage; a single pill is enough to prevent pregnancy.

In rarest of rare cases, you may become pregnant, however, there won’t be any negative effects of the pill on the baby.

The drug can also be used on the failure of contraceptive methods such as a condom, slip of diaphragm or cervical cap during sex.

Sexual assaulted human beings can also save themselves by intake of medicine.


Validity: The contraception will only work if taken within 5 days of intercourse. It does not serve the purpose if crossed the set period.

The pill can only prevent pregnancy but not sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is mandatory to have a check-up for confirmation of STD if you suspect transmission of infection after unprotected sex.

Side effects: On notice of uncertain reactions such as vomiting or nausea, it is essential to see a gynaecologist. Common side effects are fatigue, headache, breast tenderness, disturbed menstrual cycle, cramps, nausea and vomiting.

Women mentioned in the below category are not eligible for the medication

  • Ladies with gut or liver-related problems.
  • Females who take oral treatment for epilepsy.
  • Asthma patients

Awareness about the I pills helps in birth control and prevention of complications, which is why a visit to a doctor’s office is a must before gathering data about where to buy morning after pill.