I Was Told I Have Breast Asymmetry, What Shall I Do?

  • Any woman who has breast asymmetry has a breast that is either significantly larger or smaller than her other one.
  • There are a number of different factors that are said to contribute to unevenly sized breasts.
  • Medical professionals can treat breast asymmetry with surgery.

Most women on Earth do not have properly matching symmetrical breast and the distinctness between their breasts are normally subtle and will not essentially (if at all) affect the woman’s quality of life. However, some women’s breasts that are significantly dissimilar in size or shape can cause a significant amount of emotional and self-esteem problemsfor many women.


Breast asymmetry can happenfor a few reasons, such as:

  • Unbalanced breast implants
  • Previous surgery
  • Inadequate cosmetic surgeries
  • Development during puberty
  • Changes in weight

All of these canbe partly responsible forand type of difference in the size of one’s breast.

Medical Conditions

  • One of them is known as “Poland’s syndrome”, which happens to be a condition that appears in some teenage girls and is characterised by an absence of the pectoral muscles and a lack of breast development on one side of a girl’s body.
  • Also, there are cases where the nipple or areola maynot be present.
  • And other conditions include scoliosis, (or curvature of the spine), and scleroderma, an autoimmune combinational tissue disease.


Doctors who specialise in cosmetic surgery treat breast asymmetry by two methods. They can either enlarge one breast or reduce the other, thus making both proportionate and evenly matched.

Reduction Method

Professional breast reduction in Sydney reduces the size of the larger breast and normally takes between two to four hours and is usually carried out with the patient being under anaesthesia. The surgeon will make a T-shaped incision on the lower section of the larger breast and then remove the excess breast tissue and also relocate the nippleso that it then matches the woman’s other breast.

Enlargement Method

Surgery for breast enlargement (or augmentation) enlarges the size of the smaller breast. This process normally takes less than two hours and is also usually carried out under anaesthesia. The doctor will make a small incision in the nipple, beneath the breast (or under the arm) and then insertan implant and line it up as near as possible to the size and shape of the woman’s other breast.

Increase in Feeling Better with Oneself

Like other types of surgery, breast asymmetry includes the chance of complications, and there are a lot of doctors who will not operate on females who are younger than 18 years old, depending on the type and harshness of the disorder. Both of these procedures will leave permanent scars on breasts, and scar tissue may thicken.

Breast asymmetry surgery will not always deliver perfectly matching breasts, but for the increase in a woman’s self-esteem, confidence and satisfaction with her body, it is in most cases worth it.