Hyperthyroidism- causes, symptoms and treatment

Hyperthyroidism is a thyroid problem which is the result of excessive secretion of the butterfly gland. The symptoms and causes for this condition will get varied from one another. But even though the causes get varied, excessive secretion is the only reason behind hyperthyroidism. The article is written in order to reveal the causes, symptoms and treatment for this disorder. People who are very much puzzled over the causes of hyperthyroidism and its treatment can consider the following discussion to start their treatment at the best.

What causes hyperthyroidism?

Even though many people are affected by hyperthyroidism, they were not aware of its causes. Here are some causes of hyperthyroidism. People who tend to intake more iodine content in their food will suffer from the problems of hyperthyroidism. Any kind of injury or inflammation in the thyroid gland also leads to this problem. Some people tend to intake more tetraiodothyronine in the form of medication or through dietary supplements. It is highly risky to intake tetraiodothyronine in excess and this leads to hyperthyroidism. In some rare cases teratoma will be the reason behind hyperthyroidism. Apart from this hyperthyroidism is also the symptom of the presence of tumor cells in testes and ovaries.


Common symptoms

The first and foremost symptom is the people who are suffering from hyperthyroidism will experience increased appetite. These people will remain restless throughout the day for no reason. They will feel it more difficult to sleep and because of this they tend to suffer from the problems like mood disorders. The victims will feel more difficult to concentrate on things as hyperthyroidism leads to the problem of loss of concentration. These people will have more difficulties in driving or reading for a long time.

In case if a person has some abnormalities in heart beat, they must be immediately taken into treatment as this is the symptom of hyperthyroidism. Hair loss and itching are also the most common symptoms pointed out in many cases. The increased problem of hyperthyroidism leads to nausea and continuous vomiting. Among these symptoms people who tend to experience irregular heartbeat, loss of concentration and dizziness must start the treatment immediately as the impact will be severe in these cases.


Armour thyroid and synthroid are the most common treatment provided for the patients who are affected by hyperthyroidism. While considering armour thyroid this is a natural product which is extracted from the thyroid glands of animals. This product is not only used for treating hyperthyroidism but this is also suggested for several other thyroid problems. In some causes women tend to suffer from infertility because of the lack of thyroid hormone. In such case armour thyroid can be used for better results. Apart from this reason they should not be handled by the pregnant ladies. While considering the synthroid they are considered to be the replacement for the thyroid hormone generated in the body. They can also be used for goiter which is also a common thyroid problem. To know more about armour thyroid vs synthroid online websites can be referred.