How to use calendar method in pregnancy

There are many couples who choose to go for calendar methods when it comes to their pregnancy planning. Whether they decide to become or not to become a parent is done by calculating the fertile and non fertile days in a woman’s cycle.

There is a calendar for pregnancy that one can use and mark the dates so that it becomes easier for them to calculate. The calendar for pregnancy mainly works by tracking the menstrual cycle of a woman over a few months.

Now, question is, how can one use a calendar method to check their fertility level? Well. For doing that one needs to keep a track of this they need track the length of their menstrual cycles at least 6 months beforehand.

How to do this? Well, one has to mark the first day of the period as day 1. Then marks again the first day of the next period. The gap between these two first dates mainly indicates the total number of days which is the menstrual cycle gap of an individual. After marking and counting the days for at least 6 cycles one can get an idea about how many days their average menstrual cycle is.

If one counts that all of the cycles are less than 27 days then the calendar method may not be accurate for them.

Now, how t o find out the most fertile day in a cycle? Well, for that one needs to find out the shortest cycle in their menstrual routine. Then subtract 18 from the total number of days counted in that cycle. Count that number from day 1 of the current cycle and then mark that day as your most fertile day in your menstrual cycle. For example if you have a cycle of 26 days then you have to subtract 18 from it. When you do that you get 8 as answer. So counting from the first day of your periods every month the 8th day should be the most fertile day in your cycle. So you should avoid vaginal sex or use birth control pills on that day if you do not want pregnancy or vice versa if you are planning to start a family.

In order o predict the last fertile day of the cycle one needs to find the longest cycle in their record. Then subtract 11 days from that number of days. Then count the number from the day 1 of the periods and that will be the last fertile day in one cycle. By doing this one can easily calculate the fertile period of each menstrual cycle.

One can always use this calendar method when they combine it together with the fertility awareness methods. This can also be combined with the cervical mucus and temperature method.

One can go for calendar for pregnancy planning but they have to be very minute and calculative in this process. One can also take help of the doctors who will be more sure on how to calculate the entire process.