How to Take a Good Care of Your Liver

The busiest organ in the human body is the liver. Located deep below the right-sided arch, it performs more than 300 functions. The ancient Greeks said that the center of the human soul is right there because it is well hidden. It weighs about a kilogram, and after the skin is the biggest organ without which life is impossible. wants to share with you some valuable information on liver and liver disease.

The liver has the task of processing all the food we bring into our bodies. At the same time, detoxifies the harmful products that are ejected through the urine and the stool. It is the main filter for bacteria naturally found in the intestines, but also everything else that enter the body, including medicines. It is most engaged when we enter antibiotics, and other medications. It is also subject to toxins such as pesticides, food and water pollutants with which the organism comes into contact. It also performs detoxification of alcohol and tobacco coming through the bloodstream. It synthesizes most of the protein in the blood and thus regulates the level of sugar and creates energy for the work of other organs. All important metabolic processes take place in the liver. It produces cholesterol, but it comes through the blood, and it is eliminated through the breathing.

How is the liver regenerated?

It’s the only organ that can regenerate. Even if, for some reason, three quarters of it are destroyed, it is able to take over all the functions and perform them completely normally. In addition, this last part has the power to regenerate and completely restore its original state. This restoration takes between four and six weeks. That’s why it is perfect for transplantation, because only one part can be transplanted, so that everything is completely replaced.

Avoid eating fried food
If the liver takes large amounts of fat and processed foods, or fast foods such as fried potatoes, donuts, chips and similar products that will have a toxic effect on the liver. The same applies to spicy, fried, canned foods. The materials from this prepared food damage the liver cell membranes, penetrate into it, and continue to develop harmful processes. Healthy fats can be found in cold-seasoned oils, most preferably olive and pumpkin seeds. The liver should not be burdened with alcohol and carbonated drinks, while in moderate amounts have a positive effect on the work of this organ and protects against cancer. In fact, one should be moderate in both food and drink, avoiding stressful situations. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as any overeating causes the weakness of the organism, which is due to problems with the liver, because it is unable to process this amount of food. Make sure you take a proper care of your liver by eating healthy food such as vegetables and fruits and avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.