How to deal with breathing problems during pregnancy

Shortness of breath is a major issue that women face when they are pregnancy. In this regard respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy would provide a degree of relief. But the key has to be on how to manage it during pregnancy. To certain extend respiratory disease in pregnancy medicines would ensure a better feeling but there are certain things that you could undertake at your own end.

A good posture is the key

It is suggested that you do stand up straight with the shoulders on the back and the head lifted. You need to visualize that your body follows a straight line


When you practice aerobic exercise it improves your breathing levels and lowers down the pulse levels. Before you start any program take into the expert opinion of a doctor. If you have not gone on to start anything now it is the perfect time to start a session of prenatal yoga. Breathing is the essence of any yoga program and with extra stretching your posture is going to improve. It would provide you more space to breathe as well.  The suggestion would whatever form of exercise that you go on to choose does not exert yourself. The moment you feel tired it is suggested that you stop it.


This might sound easy for someone who has not experienced shortness of breath. But this is the way to go forward as well.  More and more anxious you become the denser your breathing is going to become. When you need rest it is also important that you take rest.

Listen to the signals what the body is telling you and take rest if it demands. It does not perfect the time to push your body hard as you would need to listen to your body limits. Sometimes as you approach delivery the feeling of anxious may cause shortness of breath. Once the baby makes an entry on to the pelvis, the symptoms of shortness of breath reduce considerably.

A glance at the warning signs that might cause shortness of breath

It would be better if you formulate a plan for your body, it is suggested that you do look out for warning signs which may cause shortness of breath. Some of the warning signs are as follows


Before pregnant if you have asthma you might already be aware of it. This situation is likely to become more worse when you are pregnant. You need to discuss with your doctor on what needs to be done so as to deal with asthma during pregnancy.


This disorder is common where the iron content in your blood reduces leading to breathing problems. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, constant headaches. In order to detect the doctor is going to test your iron levels from time to time.

Persistent cough

If you experience pain while coughing it is suggested that you get in touch with the doctor. The chances are that a blood clot would have moved over to the lung.