How to Cleanup: The Aftermath of Suicide

Coping up with the unexpected death of a loved one is difficult no matter how he died. One of the most challenging situations though is death by suicide. Taking in the reality of what happened can be very traumatic, and it could affect you mentally, emotionally and physically. When going through these situations and you think it is unbearable, it is unbearable; it is best to seek the support of other loved ones or a professional counselor to ease things up.

Another problematic situation that one has to go through is suicide cleanup, looking at the remains of a loved one and cleaning up after the place where the incident took place is very difficult indeed. It is best to hire the services of professional crime scene cleaners to ensure that the site is appropriately cleaned and sanitized especially when the body was discovered long after death. However, if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself or with the help of people close to you, do not forget to remember these devices.

PPE is Necessary

Before anything else, what exactly is PPE? It is short for Personal Protective Equipment. You might think this is unnecessary or unimportant, but this is for your safety. When a person dies, contamination takes place, and it worsens over time. If you decide to do the suicide cleanup, make sure to wear coveralls, goggles, safety shoes, disposable gloves, and respirators. It is to ensure that you protect your physical body from any harm and this is also to make sure that you do not inhale any toxins.

Biohazard Bags is a Must

When cleaning up a suicide scene, regular garbage bags will not do. You need to bring along biohazard bags to put all the trash you will collect from the scene. Most materials you will obtain there is contaminated; therefore proper disposal is a must. You cannot just treat as ordinary garbage as it can be damaging to both humans and the environment.

Disinfect Equipment

As much as possible, throw all the cleaning equipment used during the cleanup for safety and health reasons. However, if you prefer to recycle and reuse these cleaning materials, you need to clean them properly, use gloves though. Cleaning is not enough so it is best to use a solution to which will kill contaminants. Afterward, dry the equipment then sanitize them before keeping them to their proper places.

Use an Effective Disinfectant

What a lot of people think is that any disinfectant will work and is safe and useful too. However, you need to remember that even disinfectants contain different chemicals. It is advisable to use a registered disinfectant with a ratio of 1:10. Before using it, make sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully to prevent any additional delays.

Go for a Checkup

The moment you think you might be exposed, do first aid. The first thing you can do is to rinse the exposed areas. If there are any cuts or wounds, whether they are small or significant, visit a doctor. These exposed areas might get contaminated, and it could worsen if untreated correctly and adequately.