How Much Weight Could I Lose in Three Weeks on Slim Fast?

The Slim Fast weight loss program is a calorie-controlling diet that also requires an active lifestyle to provide the best results. The Slim Fast diet involves following an approved meal plan. The plan includes recipes and healthy eating tips in order to reduce calories, thus leading to weight loss. This is usually supplemented by consuming Slim Fast meal bars and shakes for the first two meals of the day, which are breakfast and lunch, and then eating a healthy dinner that is restricted to 500 calories as directed. The total calorie intake for a day with the Slim Fast diet should not exceed 1,200 calories. This diet program is preferred because it leads to a healthy rate of weight loss that would not otherwise deplete the body of calories and other essential nutrients. Results are usually expected to start manifesting after the first week. However, adolescents, pregnant women, breastfeeding women or those with medical conditions are not encouraged to start the Slim Fast diet program without consulting a doctor first.

The question is how much weight is possible to lose on a three-week Slim Fast diet. On the Slim Fast website, it is stated that individual results will always vary but an average healthy weight loss would be 1- 2 pounds of weight loss per week. Those who are seeking to lose more than 20% of their body weight are encouraged to consult a doctor first before following the diet.

Weight loss on the Slim Fast diet also largely depends on how physically active a person is. When following the diet religiously and then combining it with active physical exercises, like regular gym visits or regular jogging, it is possible to achieve a weight loss of up to 9 pounds in just three weeks. A three-week Slim Fast diet, however, is recommended for those trying to lose a sizable amount of weight because it is not considered as healthy to lose more than 7 pounds within just three weeks. An ideal weight loss would be losing six pounds within those three weeks and Slim Fast has been recommended for managing to attain an average of three to seven pounds within three weeks; thus, keeping the weight loss range at a sustainable and healthy rate.

However, it is important to note that the Slim Fast diet is a low calorie diet which enables the body to lose weight by starving itself. For the results of the Slim Fast diet to be sustainable, the dieter should be ready to commit to have a permanent lifestyle change so that they do not add the weight back when they go off the diet. Furthermore, the weight loss pace should be controlled as a too rapid weight loss program will lead to loss of muscle and depletion of important nutrients from the body. This can be achieved by setting a realistic weight loss goal and giving the diet ample time to provide visible results.