Have You Had A Car Crash with Injuries

In situations involving car crashes, people sometimes make a hasty decision not to pursue claims. There may be several reasons for deciding this, but sometimes these individuals simply do not want to “waste” the time it takes to follow through. It’s easier to decide this way if the injuries are not major. But, if you have been involved in an accident that is not your fault, you should still look into this situation a bit more.

It’s important to take certain steps to resolve a personal injury claim, especially if the car crash is being processed by the insurance company for the other party involved. Your solicitor will probably tell you that insurers are generally slow at processing claims, which isn’t surprising considering that the company may have to pay compensation.

Specific Situations

When you’re thinking about the subject of personal injury in car crashes, you should include a factor that shows that 25% of young drivers (18-24) are involved in car crashes within two years of passing their driving tests. The probability that a young person will be involved in an accident on the road is quite high. And, young drivers are much more likely to be involved in automobile accidents with passengers in the car than when driving alone.

This is important information when you think about the possibility of a car crash and the personal injuries that may be associated with it. Not only are parents at risk of injury of this type but as children in the family begin to drive, it’s even more likely that the family will be involved in a claim. If you decide to go through the process with the help of a solicitor, plan to be involved for about six weeks to eight weeks.

If the case you’re involved in is one in which liability is not easy to determine, the process could last considerably longer. A case that is more complex may not be resolved for months, especially if injuries are severe or the claim value is high. It certainly helps to have a claims lawyer with experience in this area. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that if you take your claim through the court process, the time frame will be much longer.


Two factors contributing to the complexity of cases associated with young drivers include the possibility of passengers being in the vehicle (as already mentioned) and the fact that young drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes with alcohol or drugs as part of the scenario. Taking personal injury claims to court is not common but it does happen. You can start learning more about the process by getting in touch with an experienced solicitor today.

A courteous staff member will help you estimate how long your case will take to be resolved, and there is no obligation to continue with a claim after speaking to an advisor. If you have been involved in an accident, you’d be wise to consult with an advisor right away to determine your next best step.