Getting to know about Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is considered to be a tumor that develops within the pancreatic gland. This cancer is regarded to be fatal, with low survival rate for the patient. The reason for this tumor to take place is excessive intake of coffee, eggs, alcohol, red meat, junk food and smoking. There can also be hereditary factors. Study of family history is stated to be the main reason for development of pancreatic cancer.


Pancreatic cancer is said to develop from acute pancreatitis at later stages. This is more so, if proper care and treatment is not taken on time. With proper and timely medical treatment, it is possible to eradicate this tumor. Even those suffering from diabetes are known to develop pancreatic cancer with time.

The unfortunate part of this disease is that it cannot be detected in the initial stage. Several symptoms may occur like jaundice and stomach ache. However, they emerge only after a good amount of time. Some minor symptoms are also found like loss of appetite, anorexia, aversion to smoking, coffee, meat, wine, etc. The symptoms tend to occur 6 months prior to contracting jaundice and acute stomach ache. Metastases are developed by almost every patient suffering from this type of tumor which only takes their lives.


The general treatment procedure of other cancer types is not proven to be effective for this type of cancer. Although new treatment methods are being tried out by researchers and doctors to treat this disease, no permanent solution is said to have been found out until date. One can avail the best Pancreatic Cancer treatment in India and live a long life. Chemoradiation effectiveness is somewhat low and chances of relapse do exist.

The treatment that is generally advised to patients suffering from early stage is Fluorouracil chemoradiation. Gemcitabin chemoradiation is recommended for people affected with metastatic disease. Temporary relief is offered by such treatments. However, studies conducted reveal that just 15% to 20% of patients survive for about 5 years. Tumor is also found to be resistant towards all types of treatments provided. Symptomatic relief is brought about by Gemcitabine. However, no cure is found for tumor.

Alternative medical fields are said to make claims about brining permanent solution to treat this disease, which is not concrete. They can be termed to be just preventive measures to be integrated into day to day lives for saving the person from this type of disease.

Those suffering from pancreatitis are to get immediate consultation with the best physicians and get proper and timely treatment. They are also to be cautious about their diet intake. Also, diabetic patients should not neglect their prescribed medications.

They should also avoid excessive intake of eggs, alcohol, butter and meat. Old people are more prone to contracting this type of tumor due to their body’s low defense mechanism. Regular medical checkups are an absolute must. Since it is a fatal disease, even the smallest symptoms are not to be ignored. The oncologist should be consulted without any delay.