Get A Positive A1C Result Next Time With These Simple Steps

Once your blood sugar level is above the normal level, and your A1C test result is showing that the blood sugar level is not going down over a period of 2 to 3 months, it is high time for you to take measures to cut off A1C. If your diabetic condition is really bothering you and has become a nightmare, you should visit to get useful tips and suggestions on how to lower A1C easily without any tension. In this article, we will illustrate a few useful ways and foods to lower a1c, and the result must be visible in your next A1C result.

Change Your Lifestyle – You have to make your lifestyle healthy to start off your diabetes management plan on a good note. You have to be more active in life that you ever were. You have to get proper sleep but not over sleep. Exercise should be an intimate part of your life in the morning and evening. You cannot sit in one place for long. Similarly, your food habits have to be changed completely, and you cannot afford to overeat and gain further weight.

Foods To Lower A1C – The foods you eat have a massive impact on your blood sugar level. You might have already stop eating sweet and sugary food like sweets, processed drinks and stuff like that. You should also cut down the consumption of carbohydrate significantly. Instead, you need to eat such foods can actually reduce blood sugar level like broccoli, turmeric, berries, etc. and they should be a part of your daily meal. As a matter of fact, you should visit a dietician to get a complete diet chart to get a pleasant result in the next A1C test. To get the list of foods that lower A1C, visit A1C Guide website.

Increase Your Activities and Manage Stress – It is a known fact that stress enhances the blood sugar level and reduces the release of insulin. Lack of sleep and lack of physical activities are somewhat responsible for the rise in blood sugar level. You need to walk and jog in the morning and do all such fun activities that will give you a full body exercise, and it will help to balance the hormone and release of insulin at a normal rate to carb A1C level. If you can visit a gym every day and work it out to sweat profusely, it will eventually show in the result. Furthermore, you have to do certain cardio, and you cannot do certain exercises and activities when you are a diabetic patient which you can get complete help from the instructor.

A Complete Plan And Constant Reviewing – If you are wondering how to lower A1C so that in the long run, your blood sugar level comes under control, you need to have a plan. You cannot do the planning without your doctor, dietician, and physical trainer. Furthermore, you have to check your weight and review your plan from time to time like changing diet, changing medicine and activities to get the best effective result. Follow for more such valuable information, suggestion, and way outs to get rid of high blood sugar level and lower A1C.