Four Tips for men to Increase their Size Naturally

A small penis size is responsible to cause psychological stress in men. Many men face embarrassment in front of their female partners and it affects their sexual life also. In the present scenario market is flooded with different types of creams and lotions to use for increasing the size. Physical activity, penile exercises and a couple of other instruments can also enhance the size, but all these things cannot bring the same results to all. It also depends on their genetics, physical activity and food choices. Another option to increase the size is surgery, this can increase the size of your penis instantly, but there are certain risks and expenses involved. There are a couple of natural things which can enhance your size. You are supposed to make the right combination of physical activity, healthy eating and penile exercises along with changing unhealthy habits.


Clean Your Diet

You may have seen several advertisements in magazines as well as websites to increase the penis size by eating certain products. Although, I am not advocating going for penis enhancement capsules, what I am trying to say that a nutrient dense diet will regulate the hormonal secretions in your body. When you exercise your blood circulation becomes proper and good amount of lean protein such as tuna and salmon helps in your objective. It is beneficial not only in increasing length, it will also improve your erection and sperm count.

While cleaning your diet, you have to avoid foods, which are full of preservatives, high content of sodium and sugar. Good fats are essential in the development of your body. Stay away from processed food items because they are loaded with empty calories and unhealthy fats.


Physical exercise will improve blood circulation enabling your muscles to grow longer and bigger. Proper exercises will also increase your penis size and Jelqing is one such common exercise. You have to hold your vital organ in your hand as if you are masturbating and gently move from the bottom to the tip. While moving towards the tip, squeeze it as you approach towards the end like you are milking. You are not supposed to apply this technique in the erect position.

Stretching is also good to increase the size. Hold the tip with your thumb and fingers, stretch it outwards, do this for 30 seconds. SizeGenetics Discount Code can be used for purchasing products of this category. This exercise can also be performed by attaching weights and Keygel exercises are also done for stronger erections.

Change Your Lifestyle

You don’t need to change your lifestyle just pick your unhealthy habits and get rid of them. Alcohol and smoking is one such habit which will not only damage your internal organs, it will also make a negative effect on the nerves. Consuming liquor once in a blue moon can be accepted if you don’t cross your limits. Maintaining your ideal body weight is also essential, this will help you get rid of excess body fat. So try to lose those excess pounds if you want to look bigger.


While consuming a supplement, make sure it is natural. Some of the herbs used for enhancing size are Saw Palmetto, Ginseng and Cuscuta Seed extract. You can use SizeGenetics Discount Code while buying these products.