Natural Prostate Cancer Cell Killers

Four Super Foods That Are Natural Prostate Cancer Cell Killers

Sadly, about one man in 41 who suffers from prostate cancer dies each year making this type of cancer a serious disease that still does not have a concrete cure to it. However, a lot of men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not succumb to it, in fact, there are roughly three million men in an average of a country that has a 50 to 100 million population are still alive and doing well today according to a statistic from health experts that focuses on prostate cancer.

When it comes to the prevention and inhibition of prostate cancer, it always includes several lifestyles and diet routine, and one of that is men to who are frequently taking certain food and supplement choices to decrease the chances of developing prostate cancer. There are also various nutrients that show promising effects to fight prostate cancer and inhibiting its progress to a man.

Having a prostate cancer is both painful physically, and also painful financially, if you are reading this and have fears of getting prostate cancer, you should read this article prepared by a reliable and very trustworthy prostate cancer screening in Singapore about the three natural foods that you should eat to kill cancer cells in your body.

Natural Prostate Cancer Cell Killers


    Mushrooms are very delicious and nutritious foods. These fungi that are grown to become one of many ingredients to our favorite food naturally contains Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) that has a proprietary medicinal mushroom extract that contains several species of Basidiomycete mushrooms, including shiitake that helps kill cancer cells and helps people to recover from the early stages of prostate cancer. AHCC has an excellent serologic response to a man who has a castration-resistant prostate cancer by eating mushrooms rich with AHCC and at the same time takes one-gram of AHCC supplements a day.


    It may be spicy and hot, but chili peppers or cayenne pepper that comes from the scientific name Camsicum Annuum is a rich source of capsaicin or the substance that is responsible for why chili peppers are hot. Remarkably, this substance has prostate cancer killing abilities also. According to a scientific study in Spain, capsaicin was used to kill prostate cancer cells during a test because of its ability to get the cancer cells in a process called autophagy, where the natural destructive process of cells takes apart the dysfunctional components leaving, nothing but healthy cells in the body. Aside from being an ingredient to food, a cayenne powder can be taken as a supplement as well.


    Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower and a bunch member of this group of vegetable contains a phytochemical known as DIM (3,3’-diindolylmethane) that devours prostate cancer cells and is also responsible in forcing cancer cells to go in a process called apoptosis or “cell suicide” without affecting healthy cells according to clinical studies.


    This bioactive ingredient or spice is widely renowned for its health benefits and anticancer properties that are linked to killing prostate cancer cells because of its receptors for sex hormones that interfere with the growth of cancer cells and the spread of it.