Green Tea

Five Unbelievable Advantages of Drinking Green Tea

Nowadays, a lot of people are showing interest intea drinking. They drink it to reduce on caffeine intake or shed a couple of pounds. But green tea can do even more than that.

Long before this beverage has become known, many people have already been enjoying it for it provides a lot of medicinal benefits. It wards off diseases, improves metabolism, fights certain illnesses, and more. It’s amazing how this little teabag can do outstanding wonders for your health. Do you want to know more about green tea’s benefits? Be sure to check out the paragraphs below.

  1. Green tea advances your overall health.

Green tea offers more than just help you feel refreshed. The tea leaves used for making it comes with tons bioactive compounds, that’s why it a huge amount of nutrients. It has polyphenols, like catechinsor flavonoids that work as powerful antioxidants.Such polyphenols stops free radicals from developing in your body, and stops the harmon the molecules and cells. Free radicals play an important role for our body’s aging process as well as acquiring diseases. Another important part of green tea is EpigallocatechinGallate (EGCG) – it is an antioxidant that’s been claimed to treat several diseases. This antioxidant is the ultimate reason why green tea has various medicinal benefits.

  1. Green tea increases metabolic rate

You’ll find many studies that prove how green tea can help you when it comes to burning fats or boosting metabolic rate.  These studies have also found out those persons who drink green tea have lost more weight compared to people who didn’t.

On top of that, according to a study produced in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea drinking can significantly lower the total amount of serum cholesterol and even LDL cholesterol.

  1. Green tea helps increase brain function.

Thoughtea does not work like coffee, it still has caffeine – an active ingredient that is commonly known as stimulant.

The low quantity of caffeine improves the function of your brain, minus feeling tensed. The caffeine maintains the brain’s alertness by blocking an inhibitory neurotransmitter commonly known as the Adenosine. This way, it will increase the concentration of neurotransmitters as well as the firing of neurons.

Green Tea

Green tea also has amino acid L-theanine. It is a substance that contains anti-anxiety effects. When this is mixed with caffeine, L-theanineturns intoa more effective substance in refining the brain function.

Therefore, green tea still contains caffeine but just the right amount for you to have enough energy throughout the day.

  1. Green tea keeps you teeth healthy

If you think that tea could cause stains on your teeth, you’re wrong. This beverage has tannic acid that is why it has a yellowish color. Still, green tea can do great effects in improving your oral health.  In truth, there’s a study claiming that by having green tea on a regular basis, it can reduce signs of periodontal disease.

  1. Green tea wards off allergies

If you always have an allergy kit, you might want to add green tea in it. This drink is an anti-allergenic since it comes with epigallocatechingallate (EGCG). EGCG substance can block the IgE receptor or the main receptor in having an allergic response. Green tea evenhas polyphenol that is great in reducing pollen allergies.

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