Eye issues – its causes and remedies for you

Eyes are very important to all of us since we see the world through them. A weak vision though not painful affects the quality of our life since we miss out on the minute details that lie in everything be it nature, objects or even plants and animals. The weakening of eye strength and clarity with age has become a common problem these days as most of the individuals and even the youngsters and kids face the problem due to lack of essential nutrients and vitamins. Overexposure to artificial light and growing pollution degrade the power of our eyes which may lead to eye-related diseases or ailments. A proper use of eye vitamins provides relief to our eye by minimizing these issues.

Reasons for poor vision

It is a recorded fact that lakhs of kids around the world get partially or totally blind due to lack of nourishment and vitamin A deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin A is also one of the most common reasons which lead to night blindness at the early stage of the lives of individuals.

Lack of vitamin A which is one of the primary eye vitamins also results in drying of the cornea which can result in soreness in the eyes and a loss of vision. It also directly affects the retina of our eyes which may also lead to complete blindness.

Lack of care and poor hygiene also degrades the quality of our vision and may lead to several other issues that cause diseases related to the eyes. Those who use contact lenses must take special care of their contact lenses and keep them clean and sterilised.

Another common factor that impairs our vision is overexposure to light especially the blue rays which have more intensity and energy when compared to other spectra of colours. Bright and flashy lights are mostly composed of blue waves which directly affect our vision. Recent studies have proved that light emanating from computer monitors and smartphones, LED lights, LCD televisions, etc. have a higher content of blue light which can deteriorate our vision.

Lack of proper diet and careless food habits also result in eye issues because minerals and essential nutrients are required to maintain the nourishment and moisture of your eye cells.

How to solve?

Eating food enriched with vitamin A and other nutrients will certainly help to overcome these issues. However, busy life schedules and inorganically grown green vegetables do not help the cause. Eating carrots is always recommended since they are rich in Vitamin A.

A good option is to have supplements that are formulated for restoring our vision. Many brands provide safe and healthy supplements that are made from Vitamin A, Vitamin E, essential oils, and nutrients. Regular intake of these supplements provides safety from the blue light, minimizes sensitivity to bright and flashy lights, relieves from fatigue, dizziness, and dryness of eyes, etc. Therefore including eye vision enhancement tablets or capsules can prove to be effective in regaining the strength and vision of your eyes.