Exciting Developments in Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Modern technology has brought us many benefits, and for those with hearing issues, there is a range of exciting new digital devices that either fit behind or in the ear, allowing the wearer a new level of freedom and convenience. Not only that, Bluetooth digital connectivity brings a whole new dimension of crystal clear audio transmission onto the table, and this can be integrated with most mobile devices, allowing the user to make and receive calls and also listen to their favourite MP3 tracks.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Bone conduction makes for a very efficient way of transmitting sound to the inner ear, and the device is surgically attached by means of titanium, which has the ability to fuse with bone tissue, creating a very strong bond. It is no coincidence that titanium screws hold down dental implants, and over time, they fuse well with human bone tissue, providing the perfect fixing. A bone anchored hearing aid is suitable for a person that suffers from a conductive sensorineural hearing loss, and offers many advantages over other types of hearing aid. Many people have experienced major recovery of hearing loss thanks to the BAHA hearing aid, you can also experience a new found level of freedom and control.

Cochlear Implant Hearing Aids (CI)

This innovative device replaces the function of the inner ear by taking audio signals, digitalising them before sending them onto the brain, ready for interpretation, which then comes in the form of hearing. These are ideal for the sufferer who has moderate to severe hearing loss, and receives little benefit from the traditional behind-the-ear device.

Device Compatibility

The latest generation of digital hearing aids use Bluetooth connectivity, which is ideal for that entrepreneur who is always on the phone, and with devices that can talk to either Android or iOS platforms, you can listen to your favourite music anytime by having the MP3 put through to your hearing aid. The modern person with an active lifestyle demands a level of comfort and freedom that only the latest digital hearing aids can provide, and with online clinics that employ state of the art equipment to diagnose a hearing loss, you can be sure of the correct treatment.

Empowering People

Hearing loss can seriously impede any forward thinking person who is trying to develop themselves, regardless of the arena, and with device compatibility, you can access any media at the touch of a button. Your true potential might never be attained if you are not fully understanding communication, which is, after all, the basis for everything. Up until a few years ago, a person who suffered hearing loss to the point where it affected their life, would have little choice but to wear something cumbersome, and the performance left a lot to be desired.

Online Solutions

Should you decide that your hearing issue is holding you back, there are online clinics where you can have thorough tests on all spectrums of sound, and then the best solution can be recommended. Not only do they have state of the art facilities, they also stock the very best devices, making it a one stop solution for your hearing issue.

Fortunately for thousands of Australian citizens, there are specialist hearing loss clinics where a person can visit for a free assessment, and in the event they are able to offer a solution, it could be state sponsored. Check with your local authority, and also look at your personal health insurance, as most policies cover hearing loss.