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Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer Through Colonoscopy

One of the most common diseases of people in these modern times is colorectal cancer. It is commonly known as colon cancer, rectal cancer, or bowel cancer. It is a serious malignant disease that should not be ignored. It is because it is cancer that affects the colon and rectum that is considered one of the body’s main parts. It plays a vital role in the everyday digestive process of our body. That is why it should really be addressed earlier before it is too late.

How to know if someone has colorectal cancer?

Nowadays, many advanced procedures and examinations are being conducted already to detect if someone has a serious disease/s or none. For colorectal cancer, colonoscopy is the best examination. An endoscopic examination would only tell if someone is in the early or serious stage of the said disease. The best facility is indeed important in conducting this kind of examination, like at the Mount Alvernia Hospital Medical Centre. With their competent medical assistance, DR QM Leong is easily among the top choices for locals seeking colonoscopy services.

Colorectal Cancer

Understanding Colonoscopy

Those who are having some kind of symptoms or unfeeling well and considering undergoing a colonoscopy need to understand the procedure first. They don’t have to fully understand it but at least have some knowledge about it. In this way, they will become aware of how it will be done. This will also give some comfort to someone who will go through the said procedure. Also, the said examination will be successful if the preparation before it is conducted will be strictly followed.

Yes, it is true that there is strict preparation before conducting a colonoscopy on someone. The preparations will be provided and given by a professional doctor who has wide knowledge about the procedure. The patients should understand it will be for the said examination to be successful. It will save time and effort for the patient if they honestly follow all the preparations needed and required for colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is not an easy procedure to take. Patients who have already experienced it will surely share their uncomfortable feelings and some pain. The patient can sleep during the examination to lessen the discomfort with the whole process. It is at the discretion between the patient and the doctor.

For those who are still looking for top choices for locals seeking for colonoscopy services, they have to look for the known Dr. QM Leong, who is known for his expertise in the said services. He is known as a great hernia and colorectal surgeon through his educational background, experience, and expertise. He has already proven his great practice through the stories of his patients who went through his hands. If anyone searches his name today, they will discover him being a known surgeon in the region.