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Do You Need Short-Term Health Insurance?

If you are young, fit and healthy, I bet you are thinking “no way” around about now. You probably assume you are never going to need a doctor to run some tests, or a hospital bed because you have fallen seriously ill. The truth is, however, no matter how healthy we are, illness or serious injury can strike us down in a heartbeat. Short-term health insurance plans from companies like Pivot Health can help fill in the gaps.

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What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance plans are exactly what they say on the tin: they provide temporary coverage and limited benefits. They are not for everyone, but they can help you out under certain circumstances. Compared to other types of health insurance, short-term plans can also be more affordable. So when is a short-term health insurance policy right for you?

Between Employers

Are you between employers? If so, a short-term healthcare insurance policy might be suitable if you need cover. Since many employers provide healthcare insurance as one of the perks of the job, many people don’t need to worry about getting sick or having an accident. However, if you leave your job, you are no longer insured, which can be a concern, especially if you have kids to think about.

Health Insurance

A short-tern health plan gives you peace of mind until you start your new job. It won’t be as comprehensive as a full health plan and existing conditions won’t be covered, but it’s better than nothing.

Plug the Gap

Short-term healthcare plans are useful if your major medical coverage isn’t comprehensive enough. Use a short-term health insurance policy to fill any gaps you have. You can also buy a short-term health plan to provide coverage if you are waiting for a Medicare policy to take effect. It gives you and your family much needed protection, just in case one of you needs medical assistance.

Proof of Insurance

Do you need proof of insurance so you can take part in a special activity? Instead of waiting for paperwork to be sorted out, take out a short-term health insurance plan instead. You can apply online and as long as there are no complications in your application, you may even get instant approval.

A Safety Net

A short-term health insurance plan is not intended to be a comprehensive medical insurance policy. Rather, it is a safety net against catastrophe. If you are struck down by a serious illness or you have a bad accident, a short-term health plan will provide assistance, but don’t expect it to pick up the pieces if an existing health problem flares up.

This type of policy is very useful if you need instant coverage, as there is no open enrollment period. You can also tailor short-term health policies to suit your specific requirements. In short, a short-term health plan can plug the gap, as long as you are willing to put up with the shortcomings associated with this type of policy.