Do You Have a Plan for Elderly Care?

It is inevitable that as we get older, we will need more care and assistance. One of the many problems in our society is that the elderly are too often regarded as invisible citizens of our community who are no longer important because they can no longer contribute. Even in families where loved ones are elderly and in need of care and assistance, the emotions of guilt, anger, and sadness associated with the idea of placing them into a senior living facility or assisted living community can tear relationships apart.

Why Assisted Living Might Be the Right Environment

As much as many families want to continue to assist their elderly loved ones and help them to maintain their independence as much as possible, there often comes a time when this is either not possible, or just too difficult. As people get older, their mobility often decreases due to physical frailty or conditions that need ongoing medical treatment. This can be dangerous, as people in this state of health often fall and injure themselves. It may also be that they suffer from memory loss and require special assistance or the intervention of professionals.

For any elderly person in this situation, an assisted living home might be the best option. A care home in Buckinghamshire offers the following benefits to all residents:

  • Social Activities: It is common for elderly people to become disconnected from both their families and their immediate community of friends. This can result in anxiety, social isolation, and even depression. A care home encourages all residents to socialise with others, make new friends, and participate in social activities that are designed to improve quality of life.
  • Unique programs: Many care homes prioritise unique programs for their residents, including exercises, excursions, and physical therapy. These programs are aimed squarely at improving residents’ quality of life and physical condition, and decreasing their pain and discomfort.
  • Nursing: In assisted care homes, every resident has 24-hour access to skilled nursing staff on-site. For residents who struggle to perform even simple tasks, this ongoing care is essential to their quality of life.
  • Independence: Despite the fact that skilled nursing care is available to all residents around the clock, independence is still strongly encouraged. In fact, residents live in their own apartments, and are even encouraged to bringtheir own furniture and belongings with them to make the apartment feel like home as much as possible. The benefit is that residents feel as if they have a place to call their own and can retain some level of independence.

Making the Best Choice

If you are in a position as a family member where you need to broach the subject of a care home with an elderly family member, it is important to have done as much research into the options as possible beforehand. It is also important to maintain an understanding of the position of the other person, as the subject might come as something of a shock. When discussing care home options, it is also important to focus on the benefits of such a move and the fact that it simply represents a new lifestyle and an improved quality of life.