Different Ways to Benefit from the Goodness of Kratom

Kratom a drug commonly known as ‘Ketum’ is usually taken to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of potent drugs like Heroin. However, before having its dosages it will be helpful to know more about the drug Kratom.

General information on Kratom and it benefits:

Scientifically termed as Mitragyna speciosa is a native plant of Southeastern countries and found in some states of Africa. Since ages the leaves was chewed by farmers to boost their body energy level.

Since few decades its energy enhancing quality has been recognized worldwide. Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are using it as an ingredient in various health supplements.

Many countries have banned the usage of Kratom as it is quite addictive in nature. However, it is still legal to use in U.S as having right proportion of it won’t lead to any side effects. Thus, the person having Kratom can adapt proper ways to stay away from the adverse effects of it if taken in high proportions. Usually, the leaves of the plant are taken to form the energy releasing drug.

Noting few common ways of using the drug:

  • The health supplement packs contain the powder of the dried leaves of Kratom herbs. This powder can be taken like a drink mixed in hot water, in juice or in tea. Its user can even add the powder in yoghurt.
  • The natives usually chew the leaves to gain instant energy. They even take it like tea by adding the dried leaves crushed in hot water, filtering it after some minutes and drink the water like tea. To make it tastier honey or sugar is mixed in the hot beverage.
  • The powder can be smoked. However, it may be dangerous as you may smoke more than the required quantity of Kratom.
  • Taking capsules will be best as you don’t have to measure the proportion.

Presently the best form of taking Kratom is to add it in chocolate milkshake. Especially it is yummy when added in one cup of milk (8 ounces approximately) flavored with dark chocolate. When one dose (7 grams of the powder) of Kratom is added to the milk it quickly forms a homogenous mixture. Thus, you need to continuously stir the milk while adding the chocolate powder.

To be safe from its side effects you need to start from lower dosage of Kratom powder. When your body gets adapted to its benefits, then gradually increase the dosage to normal proportions. Beginners can have 2 to 3 grams for a week at first. You may feel the effects after half an hour, moreover it has been observed by its users that less than two grams won’t be effective. To consume normal proportions in the beginning will result in feeling dizziness, thus use it in less proportions for few weeks.

To know how to use Kratom in the right way to stay safe from its side effects log on to websites promoting health supplements having Kratom powder. The reviews posted by its users will be helpful to know the proper dosage levels.