Different types of pregnancy pillows

Pregnant women may have various problems which may affect them physically and mentally. As their body weight will be increasing, they will have severe back pain. And because of various puzzles about pregnancy and because of improper sleeping habit, their mental health will also get affected to a greater extent. The maternity pillows are supposed to provide the better solution for both these problems. Even though these pillows are designed for the pregnant women, many are not aware of using it. Here are some different types of maternity pillows which will be a great blessing for the women experiencing their pregnancy.

Types of pregnancy pillows

The pregnancy pillows are greatly classified depending upon their structure. However, all the pillows are meant to provide greater comfort.

Wedge shaped pillows

As the name of the pillow indicates, their structure will be wedge shaped. These types of pillows are the right choice for the women who are not interested in spending much for buying the pregnancy pillows. And obviously these pillows are also very small in size when compared to that of other types of maternity pillows. Hence they can also be carried over places easily. The benefits of using this pillow will get enhanced if they are accompanied with the regular pillow. This is because these pillows will not provide better support for the back. Hence a normal pillow can be used to support back while sleeping.


Full body pregnancy pillows

These pillows are designed to provide support to the full body. There are two different types of full body pillows which are differentiated based on their shape. These types include j shaped pillows and c shaped pillows. These pillows are supposed to provide comfort right from the head to leg. The comfort level is also supposed to be higher in these pillows. But it is to be noted that women who are about to use this pillow must sacrifice more space in their bed. This is because these pillows are bulk in size and hence they tend to occupy more space. But the great advantage with the full body pregnancy pillows is they will provide better support for both the back and front portions of the body. Women who have severe body pain can make use of these pillows to have a deep sleep.

Full length pillows

People who find it more space consuming to use the full body pillows can make use of the full length pillows. These pillows can be used to support the front portion of the body. These pillows also come in with two different features which can be preferred according to the flexibility. The first version of this pillow will be straight and there will be a slight bend in the knee portion in their next version. However, women tend to show more interest in using the one which is bent in the knee portion. This is because this structure tends to provide them the greater comfort.

These are some of the different types of pregnancy pillows. Based on the comfort level and budget women can choose the Best Maternity Pillow for their needs.