Different Types of Mobility Equipment Used Around the World

Disabled people often have a lot of trouble in getting out and about. However, thanks to different mobility tools, a great deal of their challenges have been alleviated. According to a private study, more than 70% of the buildings in the UK are not friendly for disabled individuals. This percentage is changing, as well, especially since the passing of new building rules designed to accommodate people who are disabled. For instance, builders have been asked to add ramps and other disability features so that mobility isn’t an issue for those who can’t walk on their own feet. Here are some of the different kinds of equipment used today.

Mobility Scooters

One of the main mobility tools that have made life easier for disabled people all over the globe is the mobility scooter. It’s a simple three-wheeled scooter that’s powered by a battery. It can go as fast as 8-10 km/hr, making it an excellent machine for moving about. There are plenty of private companies that sell Avon mobility equipment, including mobility scooters. Whether you are recovering from an injury or have difficulty walking due to a medical issue, you should consider getting a mobility scooter.



Wheelchairs are also used by disabled people for travelling and mobility. There are two kinds of wheelchairs: electrical and hand-powered. The least expensive options are the hand-powered wheelchairs, which must be controlled by the disabled individual by hand. However, more advanced options come with joysticks and have a battery and motor underneath that can be used for movement.

Raiser Recline Chairs

Raiser recliner chairs are similar to wheelchairs, though they are much more comfortable. As the name suggests, they can be raised or reclined according to the wishes of the individual. They offer comfortable movement and can be adjusted based on the needs and desires of the user.