Different Things that Can Cause Spider Veins in Women

Introduction to Veins

Let’s start by first saying that both men and women are prone to some leg problems, however, the reason that women appear to have more problems with the cosmetics of them is because there are certain things that women do that can increase the risk of developing some unsightly conditions such as spider and varicose veins. Here, at www.dallasvi.com, we can help you identify some reasons as to why you may be encountering some issues with your legs. Some of the more common reasons are as follows:

Pregnancy Can Cause Spider Veins

Pregnancy is perhaps the greatest reason for why leg health can deteriorate. When a woman is pregnant, the amount of water in her body increases by around 50% and most occurs in the legs, causing swelling. The extra fluid is mostly lost after their delivery, and their veins will shrink, however, they most-commonly don’t return to the original size. Each pregnancy, there contains a risk that veins grow larger and if her job requires her to stand or sit for an extended period of time, then her veins may stretch. In the last trimester, the pelvic veins can be compressed to the point where the blood cannot flow as well to the legs. This is what, ultimately, causes varicose veins and other leg problems in women.

Spider Veins in Women

The best way to combat this, however, is to keep weight gain around 20-30 pounds, elevating her legs as much as she can, wearing compression, and lying on the left side as she sleeps.

Oral Contraceptives Can Have a Negative Effect on Leg Health

The best recommendation is to stay away from oral contraceptives, if you can. That and hormonal replacement that contains high levels of estrogen can put women at a higher risk for some vein problems. If you must take oral contraceptives, then the recommendation is to choose those with the lowest content of estrogen, more especially if your family has a history of clotting. And it is also advised that women that have cancer or are overweight should stay away from these completely.

Obesity Can be a Culprit

To a similar point, women who are obese may experience some increased risk of developing spider veins because of the high pressure that is exerted upon their abdomen. Keeping in mind that tight-fitting clothing designed to mask some of the excess weight can also restrict proper blood flow that can have some serious consequences. The best solution for this is to begin dropping pounds through a steady, healthy diet and exercise. The main recommendation for exercise would be swimming, since walking can be abrasive on the knees.

Different Jobs Can Take Different Tolls

Particularly in jobs that require excessive standing, walking, and moving can predispose women to some leg health issues, however, those who are remaining seated for a longer period of time can also be exerting an unhealthy amount of pressure on the groin area that can impede the returning flow of blood in the veins that can cause them to eventually leak.

Final Considerations

As the adage goes, “everything in moderation” proves to be more axiomatic as time goes on. Naturally, however, you don’t want to do anything in moderation that actively can destroy your health, but if your job requires you to sit for a long period of time, perhaps consider bringing in a portable desk where you can elevate your computer and stand as you work for a moderate amount of time or go for a walk on your break so you don’t rack up a bunch of hours sitting. Keeping things balanced can help keep the results from doing anything for an extreme amount of time at bay.