Dealing With Toothache from Home

Dealing With Toothache from Home

If you are dealing with toothache and can’t make it to a dentist, you may be looking to treat the pain at home. There are plenty of home remedies for toothache that you can try to alleviate your pain while you wait to see your dentist which we’ll outline here. If you suffer from toothache regularly, you can buy co-codamol online so that you always have a supply of emergency pain relief.

Try a numbing gel

A simple over-the-counter gum numbing gel can help alleviate minor toothaches. This can be purchased from any local chemist or some supermarkets for temporary relief.

Use an ice pack

If a numbing gel isn’t providing enough pain relief, use ice instead. Simply wrap some ice in a cloth or tea towel, or use a bag of frozen vegetables. Hold the ice pack to your cheek at the affected area for about 15 minutes on and off. You can also try rubbing an ice cube over your hands. This is said to send cold signals to the brain which can override the pain signals you are feeling.

Dealing With Toothache from Home

Rinse with salt water

Make a mixture of eight ounces of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt and gargle with the mixture for about 30 seconds. This is a good way to disinfect a tooth and clear away any bacteria that may be causing you pain.

Take a painkiller

For fast and effective pain relief, a painkiller is a failsafe method. Take two co-codamol to ease your pain. As above – you can buy pain relief online if you haven’t already got some.

Use clove oil

Clove oil is a natural extract that can give relief from some types of toothache. Clove oil can be very effective in tooth decay where a part of the nerve is exposed and is causing pain. To use clove oil, simply dip a cotton bud into the liquid and apply it to the affected area. If you don’t have clove oil, you can use fresh garlic. Crush it into a paste and apply the same way as clove oil, or you can choose to slowly chew a garlic clove.

Try acupressure

If you apply pressure to the right spot on your hand you can release a rush of endorphins that will overpower the pain receptors in your brain and give you some pain relief. Find the place where your thumb and forefinger connect and use your thumb to push into this point at the back of your hand. Hold the pressure for two minutes.

Make an emergency dentist appointment

While you can counter some of the pain from toothache at home until your next appointment, if your toothache lasts longer than two days, you may need to make an emergency appointment.