Cost of Assisted Living at Home Verses Care Centers

Due to a decline in physical or mental health of loved ones, they may not be able to care for themselves as effectively as they used to. Thus, it may be necessary to help them with some of their daily activities for their own good. Those needing assisted living services need less care than those in nursing homes. Family members can offer such help but if they are not able to, then they can hire someone to help. Assisted living services can be offered either at home or in care centers depending on the situation.

Home Care Verses Care Centers
For many people, home care is considered the best since the one needing help will still be in a familiar environment and feels safer and more comfortable in such an environment. However, it is important to consider the cost of care. Although caring for one at home is the best option, it may be more expensive. Various factors need to be considered when determining which option is economical and beneficial. Some of these factors include the number of hours needed to care for the person, if additional services are required due to an illness and if they live in a rented home among other factors.

If going to an assisted living facility is the best option after considering your situation, you should wisely choose the facility you will take your loved one to. This is because there have been incidents in some facilities where residents have been abused by their caregivers. If an incident of abuse occurs or has already occurred, you can take legal action. This should be done as soon as possible. Lawyers from Dolman Law Group have seen and assisted in many cases involving abuse of residents in assisted living facilities.

Types of Abuse in Assisted Living Facilities
1. Exploiting Residents Financially
Caregivers may use the resident’s property or finances for personal benefits. It may also include demanding money from the resident to perform a certain task.

2. Sexual Abuse
If caregivers perform any sexual acts on the resident without their consent, this is considered sexual abuse no matter how mild it may seem.

3. Lack of Adequate Attention
A resident may be neglected due to many reasons. The common one is under-staffing in a facility which makes it impossible for caregivers to cater to everyone in the premises. Due to lack of proper attention, the resident’s condition such as mental or physical health may deteriorate thus causing more problems.

4. Physical Abuse
This includes causing physical injury to the resident by hitting them, kicking or any other means. Bruises may be present as a sign of physical abuse. Even if no physical marks are there to show signs of physical abuse, the incident should still be reported. Denying residents food or forcing them to eat food is also considered physical abuse.

5. Emotional Abuse
This includes verbally abusing the resident, giving them silent treatment as a means of revenge for being offended, bullying and harassment.

6. Performing Unauthorized Medical Procedures
Some facilities can perform medical procedures on healthy residents so that they can get money.